Friday, October 7, 2016

Where am I?

You might have noticed that I have not been blogging very much lately. I wasn't sure I was going to take the time to explain this to you, but I think it is better to just be open than leave weeks of blank space between each post. 

I am in such a wonderful and weary season of life. My mind is swirling with ideas, inspirations, and practices that I want to share with you, but my time and attention are limited at the moment. Noelle (my daughter) is leaping ahead in her development and in only 9 months she is behaving like a toddler, walking, eating the world, and getting into everything. She keeps me on my toes and I am choosing to give her the attention that I might have dedicated to writing. I would have it no other way! She is pure joy!

Waked Up Studio is entering a new season all of its own. I am selling many more commissions than I am selling my own pieces of art. I am teaching more Painted Prayers classes than I am other subjects. I am starting to get a taste of where this business might be going. Ultimately, this means that I am discovering what I am capable of. I have been recording myself painting, lecturing, teaching, and learning to edit and manipulate all of these incredible design devices so that I can start to develop and teach online classes that would be accessible to anyone, around the world, anywhere there is the internet. I did not study graphic design or media design. I am learning this all myself and taking it day by day, step by step so that I can independently create these offerings for your enjoyment and growth. It makes me really excited to envision this new phase for Waked Up Studio.

I am also working on preparing space to offer my own spiritual development retreat again. I want to have a full house and a rich, wonderful experience ready for everyone who wants to participate. I am putting out feelers and talking to awesome leaders in the community to discover what their interests might be in participating alongside me. 

When I am not developing the next phase for Waked Up Studio, painting my prayers, or enjoying Noelle, I am trying to support my husband in the incredible task of rehabbing my grandparents home which we plan to move into as soon as it is possible. You know how people say having a kid is the most stressful thing someone can do? Or how rehabbing a house is the most stressful thing a person can do? Or how starting your own business is the most stressful thing someone can do? Or how moving is the most stressful thing someone can do? Well, Joel and I are doing ALL of those things at the same time. And while there is no denying it is stressful at times, what I want you all to know is that it is just busy around here. I don't always make time to write in the midst of all the newness, the challenges, and joy.

All of that said, I would like to be more consistent in writing posts and will aim for a weekly posting for the time being. I hope you will continue to stay tuned and interested in the growth, the practices, and the gifts available at Waked Up. There is more to come, much more! Thank you for your faithful support and encouragement!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Right in front of me

I paused and looked up. 

I actually paused. I think that was my first success. 

When I looked up, I let my eyes scan skyward very slowly so that I could actually take note of what was happening between where I was standing and the heavens. What I saw was glorious.

At my feet, my child was laughing and trying to walk as her 4-year-old cousin entertained us with the nature facts he was learning at zoo school, pointing us onward with a stick in the shape of an arrow. To my right was the pond, as still as a mirror with images of clouds and sky, disturbed only by a gentle touch-down by a passing dragonfly. Rays of afternoon sun reflected off the brush in front of me, coating the woods with gold. Just above the golden light was movement. Silver dancing insects spun in circles, up and down, waltzing to the tune of the ending day. Following the bright gray and white tree trunks to their leaves, I saw that they too were spinning in time with the gnats and dusk bugs coming out to celebrate the setting sun. Above the leaves were clouds, like sponge prints on a perfectly blue background. They seemed to pulsate in and out like breath and I had to squint to focus on their shapes and colors amidst the brightest white.

The air was rich with a peat-moss and sweet grass so hearty that I sucked heaving breaths of it into my lungs until my belly bulged out with every inhale, my core muscles feeling tender from the lack of proper use.

In this thirty seconds of the day, I remembered a hundred days as a child. I smelled church camp, long cool hikes, rich green forests, my daddy, my neighbors, my joy in nature, and sunsets, sunsets, sunsets. In less than a minute, I wrapped my arms around my inner child and kissed her lightly on the cheek as we recalled, together, just how full we feel when we pause and SEE.