Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Sale!

It is summer time. It is a new season. It is time for change.

With the changing of the seasons comes the need for me to feel the continual ebb and flow of energy moving through my studio and home. Like breathing, I experience the tides of spiritual movement rush through the house, bringing with it inspirations, colors, and images to create and share. In the same way, that flow pushes it's way back out of the door just like it came, only this time, it takes with it the energy from the journey I experienced within and shares it with someone new.

I am working on a new series. I am continually taking commissions. Until there is a day when I have plenty of space to work in, I will need to be vigilant about finding new homes for my prayerful pieces. 

To celebrate summer, a new start, a new season and the warm melting off of old inspirations and blossoming of new, I am having a sale on EVERYTHING in my shop. You will find all the prices have dropped and everything is discounted. I would love to see these inspirations find their way into your homes and hearts. 

Please check it out here and remember that subscribers receive special discounts, gifts, and deals every month. This month's subscribers deal is "Buy 2 and get 1 FREE". Subscribe for the coupon code by signing up on the "Gratitude List".

Thank you, always, for your continued support and interest. Each one of these pieces is not just a piece of art, it is a piece of my heart and soul. I have prayed into every single creation and you will receive that blessing written in a card on the back when you take your piece home. 

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