Monday, June 27, 2016

Monsoon Project

June has been a month of painting for me in Waked Up Studio. I haven't had any classes on the schedule so I have focused on commissions and new originals to offer in July. One of my commissions came from a dear friend of mine who is opening a sushi and rice bowl restaurant in Mooresville, NC. She is decorating the space and asked me to create two giant, collaged, cherry trees for highlighting a prominent corner. 

These canvases are 5 feet by 5 feet and I had to get them specially made by a guy I knew from the Art League in town. They are so huge that most of the work I have done on them has had to happen on our porch because there is not enough space for them in our tiny house. 

Learning how far a tube of acrylic paint will go or just how much gesso I will need to prepare a canvas this size has been a very valuable experience. I've dreamed of painting this big for a long time, but it has not made sense for me to explore this dream on my own with the limited space I have to work in. This commission has given me permission to imagine how this might function for me on a regular basis when I have a studio space designed for just such an undertaking (which will be made possible when we move into my grandparents home that we are refurbishing).

For now, these beauties will be installed soon to coincide with the grand opening of another location for the Joel's Sushi chain. If you are ever passing by exit 33 and feel your stomach growl, hop off and visit Monsoon for a great meal and a gander of my biggest originals to date! 

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