Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Last night was a full moon and it was lovely on such a clear summer's night. I've spent my life beaming at the moon and admiring its gentle glow. It has been a symbol of beauty and romance and continues to bring a sort of magic to nights when it peeps from behind the clouds. As the years have passed, I've started to realize that our moon is a lot more than an orb of beauty on a nice evening. 

We all know that the moon is a monumental gravitational source for our planet. The very waves and tides in the sea are pulled by the moon. Before women were continually exposed to unnatural light, artificial hormones, and living indoors, the female race would often find their menstrual cycles would mimic the stages of the moon's evolution. The full moon signaled ovulation and the new moon brought on the menstrual period. It's been a long time since women's bodies in the West have been in tune with the moon. 

Throughout history, people have given the moon an eerie power over their communities. The word "Lunatic" is rooted in the word "lunar" and it is referring to people who were driven mad by the full moon. Of course, there are many legends of folks turning into werewolves and vampires during the full moon.

I've found that myths were born of a socially observed truth. Nowadays the full moon is a subject of conversation at hospitals (particularly in the ER and Labor and Delivery) as physicians and nurses swear that on nights with a full moon they have more accidents and more babies to deliver. Some surgeons will not perform operations during the full moon because it is legend that people will bleed heavily creating more chance for complications. Patients and staff alike, report that they sleep poorly for the week leading up to a full moon (folks who aren't even exposed to the moon's glow at night) while others experience increased exhaustion and sleep the days away.

My husband has begun to track the cycle of the moon because he has noticed that people start to "freak out" as the full moon begins to form. Having worked in community 
all his career, he has noticed that during times around the full moon people will be more emotional, sensitive, or more obsessed with checking off their to-do lists. 

There are many scientific studies completed with the hope to reveal just how the full moon affects people on a monthly basis. So far, nothing can be deemed conclusive except that people with gastrointestinal issues will bleed more on the full moon. 

For now, it is up to you to decide if you have seen the patterns in your daily life. 

In Astrology, each sign on the zodiac is affected a little differently by the full moon. This also means that the full moon closest to your birthday will have the strongest pull over your emotional balance. So last night, Gemini's, it was for you guys!

You might find that making decisions is hard today. You will feel a dissonance between your head and your heart. In order to regain your balance, it is best to find a physical workout that helps your emotional strength become grounded again. 

The full moon will make you moody and emotional, even crabby. You will be seeking intensity and drama so it is best to channel this energy outside of yourself or you are going to take everything personally. This is a great time to write down things that are bugging you.

The full moon will make you feel like everyone around you is overreacting to life. You try to take control of situations that you sense people are taking too seriously which puts you at risk of seeming overbearing or competitive. This is a time to keep your perspective and not find yourself getting into a fight over protecting a person or a cause that you find is important. 

The full moon will make you feel a little down today. Your self-confidence is likely to need a boost but keep yourself motivated by expectations that you can actually fulfill. Be gentle on yourself and try to retain the balance. This is a great time to do something for yourself, like get a massage or acupuncture. 

You will have all kinds of thoughts and emotions churning inside you and it is unlikely that you will be able to make any important decisions today. You will find that you do not want to conform to anyone's ideas for you. What you need most today is some time to yourself. Spend some time alone and refuel, rest, seek some peace.

Your deeply rooted insecurities will rise to the surface today. You are likely to react in great anger towards people you are around. You might even find that you will want to bring them down a peg or two or that you will challenge most people you encounter today. In order to dilute your charged emotions, you might find that you feel compelled to overindulge in some area of your appetite. Remember to have some compassion for yourself and others. 

You might feel overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities of your life. Choose another day to make important decisions and try to remain light hearted. Spend some time with people who are fun and delight you so that you can take your mind off your burdens. The load is lighter when you talk about it with friends you trust. 

Surround yourself with anyone who feels like family to you. This is a time to put your work down and focus on good cheer and spending time with those you love. Avoid people who surround themselves with conflict today. You need to focus on peace and keep your mind off your responsibilities. 

If you do not feel acknowledged you are going to get really angry. Stay away from people or situations that don't lift you up or you might find yourself seeking revenge. Write down your thoughts and emotions that are negative and replace each word with a positive. Try to avoid power struggles today.

You will not do well discerning what is needed today. Stay away from people or situations where you might be taken advantage of because you are at risk of missing the cues. This is a good time to practice art (painting, writing, music, decorating) or try an exercise class to keep you grounded.

Old issues around love and relationships will likely come up today. Other people might come to you for advice but don't be too quick to answer because you might regret it later. Today is a good day to practice moderation and taking it slow or else old emotions might rise to the surface and make you say things you don't mean.

You'd really prefer to hide from the world today because you might feel like you are not able to communicate what you are needing or are feeling. You might also experience that others just don't understand what you are trying to say. Go easy on yourself. This is a good day to take off, read a book, just take a break for a few minutes. 

It is interesting to read how each sign is affected by the power of the moon. Each of these signs also have 
triggers leading up to the full moon too. Lots of people will be working hard to clean house, tackle some jobs that have been on the back-burner for a long time, or complete their to-do lists. Other signs will feel increasingly out of whack, off balance, and emotional. While some signs will look like they are nesting, other signs will be crying about something that happened weeks ago, while others will be picking fights right and left. 

Whether you give the moon this power or not, it doesn't hurt to be a little bit aware of when it is close to becoming full. You might just find that we all get a little looney when La Bella Luna is on the rise. 

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