Thursday, June 16, 2016

Life's Purpose

God is at the heart of what brings you joy.

 In fact, I believe that the very thing that brings you joy has been put there by the One in the first place. In whatever that space, time, place, or experience is, if you would let yourself become aware of it, you could encounter the Divine consciously. And probably do unconsciously which is why you love it so much. 

I have spent a lot of time pondering what I want to do with my life. What I am coming to know is that we were all created to live out of Center. It is in the Center, the space where we know true peace and wholeness, that we experience the fullness of life. And in Center we learn how to make our way forward traveling onto the path we were created to walk.

For many, I think that a discontented life is one where you are living into some external expectation of who you ought to be according to someone else's standards. Whatever that space might be, chances are there is a void always present, ready to be filled. The longing to live a little differently, to fill that space, to connect to something bigger, probably will not go away until you seek out what it is that you need.

I was listening to Oprah's top ten lessons for success last night and she said that the most important thing you can do in life is figure out your purpose. Why are you here on this Earth? She believes that everyone on Earth is meant to use their gifts to share something with others. So the question to ask yourself is,"what do I want to share with the world?"

Once you know that then you can truly begin to live. Your personality should enable you to live into your soul's calling. Everything you say you are, that you do, that you create, should point you and others to your spiritual purpose on this planet. These two things must be in alignment or there will be dissonance in your life. 

I have experienced that God knows the desires of my heart and what I am learning a little more each day is that God has placed those desires on my heart. This means that my heart's longing and God's plan for my spiritual impact on this Earth are the same. At times when I am truly present, they are dancing in perfect union together. The more that I embrace this blessing the more joy I am able to experience. 

I know a lot of folks who just aren't sure what to do with their lives. If this is you, then perhaps you could make time for some quiet so that you can ponder what brings you joy. Then from that, allow the Spirit to draw you a little more closely to the way that God has placed that joy on your heart and how this joy is meant to be shared with the others 

My experience of God's gifts are that they are abundant. And out of this abundance comes the opportunity to share.... the continual breath and rhythm of pouring in and overflowing out where there is no deficit of love.

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