Wednesday, June 29, 2016

If you will it, it will come

Have you ever had an experience where you thought about something and then the next thing you knew, it was happening right in front of you?

This has happened to me a lot over the years. In the simplest form, I will think about my mom and then she will call me only a second after she crossed my mind. The grandest example would be my having an idea that involved someone else who I had not discussed the idea with and then that person just proposed exactly what I was thinking or made it happen. 

I am sure there are plenty of great explanations for these experiences but I am inclined to ponder- did my mind make it occur?

Over the years, I have heard stories of people who promise that you can pour your energy into the food you eat, the art you make, the relationships you want to foster or destroy. You can think about something until it seems real like you are beckoning it to life with your intentions. 

Some Native American tribes call this your "medicine". The idea that you call things out of the universe that you desire or fear. The belief that everything that is happening to you is something you have created with your will.

I once watched a documentary where people would spend time making clouds disappear by concentrating their energy on one particular cloud and slowly making it vanish. The tip, of course, was that you should start with the smaller clouds and then work your way up to the bigger ones. I admit, I have tried this but it didn't really work for me. I didn't really desire for the clouds to go away. My belief has always been that they are meant to be there and who am I to move them? That is not a good way of thinking of you were ever going to move a cloud with your mind.

A couple cloudless days ago, Joel wanted me to relay my plan for our new home and land because he wanted to be sure we were on the same page. However, it wasn't just that, he also wanted me to tell him what I have envisioned for the place because he said, "If you have been imagining it then it is going to happen and I need to be prepared for it."

I was a little taken aback by this comment. I do believe in the power of envisioning what you want to happen and I do believe we call positive and negative experiences out of the universe (even though I am not sure how far I am willing to take that belief yet). However, I was so caught off guard by his request because I had not thought about how I was manipulating our futures just by envisioning what they could be like or that I needed to include him in those musings. 

It sounds like a harmless little past time- picturing your life differently- but the truth is that you are creating a different life every time you imagine it differently. I am convinced that the minute you are able to SEE your life in a new way or a situation in a new way it is already beginning to evolve. Just claiming a hope, a joy, a fear for what is to come is going to manifest a change in your own behavior which will be like a wind sailing you into a port that resembles the experience you just innocently pictured in your mind. 

There are a lot of people who poo-poo the practice of envisioning and I understand why. I just heard the other day of a group who put all of their good vibes and available energy into trying to win the lotto. That isn't really what I mean when I talk about willing something out of the universe. I think when your will and the Creator's will for your life begin to align, things that pour from your imagination become movements in the Divine's plan. They become real because they are really part of your path. 

I don't think it happens quickly but it can. The power of our minds, our wills, our medicine, is strong. The more we believe something is the way it is, it will become that. We experience this so much more often in the negative sense, but what if we could harness this practice and envision good things for our futures?

While envisioning often brings about a physical change, what makes it a viable practice in my book is that it brings about an internal transformation. Your attitude changes. Your beliefs change. The filter from which you view the world changes which means that your experience will change. To be able to change your experience, change your own mind, is really what is going to change the world around you and bring your imaginings to life. 

So maybe I am no good at evaporating clouds with my thoughts, but I do know that I have visions for my future and those are already being woven into life around me.

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