Monday, May 23, 2016

Why "Waked Up?"

Folks have been asking me lately where I got the name “Waked Up Studio” for my new business. The name goes back to 2013 when I decided I would start this blog. I wanted to create a space where I could share transformational life and spiritual practices that have made my life better. It seemed like a waste to me to keep all these transformational tools to myself! There are so many practices that I have been exposed to in the last 9 years that really have brought so much growth and healing to my life. I long to tell the story and hope that others will be touched and inspired as I have been.

Thinking about the words “Spirituality, Awakenings, Transformation, and Joy” brought me, with really no question, to the phrase “Waked Up”.

Both of my grandparents used this phrase regularly when they described moments from their days and nights that brought them new awareness. Often the phrase was used to tell a narrative about something truly amazing that happened to one of them. I remember once that my grandfather told me he was “Waked up in the night and saw and angel hovering over my sleeping grandmother”. It was stories like that which made the phrase so magical and wonderful to me.

“Waked Up” is also a familiar and comforting part of my childhood. Both my grandparents were born and raised in the South and this very Southern way of talking about being woken up is just one of many “isms” that lull me into the warm memories that blanket me from childhood. Our Southern way of speaking is more than a drawl, it is a way of talking about things that a lot of folks wouldn’t totally understand unless they have spent some time in the South, particularly around our older people. I adore the way my grandparents saw the world and talked about it. This phrase commemorates just one of many “isms” that make my heart sing with love for them and the place where I was born and raised.

For me, the phrase “Waked Up” is a way of living. It implies present-mindedness, intention, and awareness. In two words it describes a way of being that is alive, open and right now. In scripture, in the story where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead he describes Lazarus’s death as “sleeping”. He says that he needs to go and wake him up. I believe there was a time when I was spiritually sleeping too. The Creator has brought me back to life and awakened me to visions of His self-revelation in the world.

I believe being spiritually awake is the key to joy. For me, Waked Up was the obvious choice for the name that would represent everything that I hope to share with people and the world. 

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