Thursday, May 19, 2016

If my Body were God

Photo by Matt Frizzle

A medical intuitive once told me that she believes the Divine is living in every single atom in the universe. That God is living in all of the cells in your body.

This blew my mind away.

All my life, I have imagined my body as a human suit that my soul had to wear during my time on planet Earth. There was the possibility, that as they told me in Sunday School, God lives in this suit with me.

If I were to accept that God, the creator of the universe, has put a piece of Himself in all of his creations, then I was going to have to look and live in my body differently.
When I fuel this body, I would have to think of the fuel as something worthy to give to God. When I look in the mirror at this body, I could not stand there and critique it with phrases of “not good enough”. When I exercised, it would be to honor the Creator in this body with good care and great love.

I could never look at myself and think ill thoughts about my appearance because each thought would suddenly become a prayer, a literal response to the Divine. I would never tell God in that she was not enough, not pretty, too fat. I would stand before God in awe and honor her with all I am.

If I took on the belief that God is living in all my cells, then I would have to also believe that when I prayed, I could look within. I could no longer imagine myself talking on my holy God-phone and hanging up and walking away when the conversation had come to a close. I would have to accept and live into the fact that I would ALWAYS be in conversation with God because She is me and I am Him. We would be entangled and graphed to one another. I could do, think or become nothing away from Him...Her.

If I were to accept this belief then, suddenly, everything Jesus said would make sense. Paul’s words declaring my body as a temple for God would ring true. David’s Psalms would truly be prayerful responses to the Divine within and I would have to change my life forever.

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