Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Minutes

Artwork by Claire Tomkinson

I remember when Joel was still in college, he once told me of an experience he had during exam week. He told me that he had said, “yes” to too much and still had a final paper to write for one of his classes. It was 1am and he was still agonizing over this paper that was coming together much too slowly for its deadline the same morning (just a few hours later). He was beginning to feel stressed and overwhelmed when he saw his Bible on the corner of his desk. He grabbed it, opened it randomly and began to read. He said the words were comforting to him and he spent about 5 minutes reading. Even as he read, he recalled thinking he should get back to writing his paper, but he couldn’t pull himself out of the Word.

When he finished the passage he closed his Bible and returned to writing his paper. But this time, it was a different experience. Suddenly, the words began to flow and he began to type in a flurry. It all came together and within an hour his paper was printed and he was climbing into bed.

Joel might not remember this story he told me, but I have never forgotten it. For me, it was a little nugget of an experience that revealed a great truth.

I have always believed that when we make time for God, we will be blessed for it. That just a few moments intentionally dedicated to connecting to the Source of all Life seems to create what you need most. Maybe it is patience or peace. Maybe it is wisdom and understanding. Somehow, as I have remembered Joel’s experience, I have found that God blesses even my most feeble attempts at being with Him. And even more astounding than that…when I have had the discipline to make time for God when my time is what seems scarcest, it never fails that what I find in return is more time. I can’t even begin to explain how this happens.

The point is, create some time for God. It is something you will never regret doing and it is something that doesn’t take hours or even extended minutes in your day. Joel’s story reminds me that even 5 minutes in the wee hours of the morning during exam week can change the outcome of your night.

God blesses our feeble attempts. 

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