Sunday, April 17, 2016

Morning Smiles

Lately, I've written about the benefit of making the physical gesture to create an emotional reality. More than ever, I believe this is an essential part of inspiring lasting change.

We have a three-month-old who has learned how to smile. I am now certain that there is nothing better than making eye contact with a beaming infant. Ever since she has learned to grin, this is how she greets the world!

Every single morning (knock on wood!) we roll over, glance in her bed and see her sweet smiling face. If we have to wake her before she naturally wakes up, I am continually surprised that her big, wide eyes signal an immediate grin, dimples and all. Joel and I are not "greet the morning" kinds of folks. We can do mornings and we can appreciate them, enjoy them and eventually smile in them, but we do not bound out of bed beaming with the sun. 

Since being blessed by Noelle's presence in our lives, mornings have changed. As soon as we see her smiling face we catch her contagious glow for mornings. We find ourselves beaming back until laughs burst from our throats, charging us into the new day with a lightness in our hearts.

It's a small gesture and a powerful one. I am catching my child's joy because I smile back. Just feeling the muscles in my face form a smile makes my emotions start to shift towards joy when I wake up. I make the physical gesture and I become transformed. I am grateful to be alive and experiencing this moment.

This is a reminder to smile. Just smile right now, right where you are and hold it for a few seconds. 

I guarantee you are feeling a little brighter. How would our days change if we followed suit with Noelle and practiced "Morning Smiles"?

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