Friday, April 29, 2016

Feelings are the Future


Sipping coffee on our favorite patio in town, Joel and I had a quiet moment with Noelle one morning. It was a rather short moment, in the scheme of things, because we are not the only ones who love Common Market. 

After a little while, a man approached us to find out how old Noelle was. We chatted with him for a couple minutes and before long, our conversation reverted to the city's plans to tear this magical place down and move it elsewhere. Just as we began to lament the loss of "our spot" he stopped us.

"Emotions are the past. Feelings are your Future!" he exploded.

We stared at one another, a little caught off guard by his energy for the subject.

He went on to explain that emotions are the feelings we carry with us from the past and they only burden us. They can't serve us because they are baggage from something that already was. If we want to have a bright and positive future, then we have to feel one. If we want to feel love for the new Common Market, then we need to start putting out those feelings of love and embracing them now so that they will meet up with us in the future.

Right after his brief monologue, his wife joined him and made it very clear she had zero interest in talking with us, so he departed swiftly on her coattails leaving us with this wisdom to ponder. And ponder we did.

What do you think? Can you feel your way into the future you desire?

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