Monday, September 14, 2015

Love Yourself Retreat Weekend

Instead of giving into the hype of the Valentine's season that pushes roses, chocolates, expensive dinners and the added pressure of having a date; why don't you spend that time giving yourself what you really need?

Give yourself the gift of love for the weekend- self love. Invest in a weekend of being poured into. Give yourself the gift of rest, creativity, hope, renewal, joy and a deep, abiding sense of purpose!

Waked Up is offering a retreat weekend Feb 12-14th, 2016 for exactly this purpose. It is open to adults of all ages. Spend a few days at the beautiful Calling Creek Retreat House in Lenoir, North Carolina and learn what a weekend of loving yourself can do for your total well-being and for the sustainability of your identity within all your daily roles. Discover how loving yourself will fill up areas in your life that previously felt empty and void of creativity.

Retreat goers will experience the joy of tapping into their spiritual and creative depths through discovering new techniques in painting and visual arts. We will begin and end each day with yoga and guided meditations that promote transformational living, investing in the body, mind and spirit. All of our meals will be farm-to-table, fresh and delicious. Each bite will become an intentional investment into your future and the renewable life-force of the earth. Each retreat goer will have the option to experience the power of Spiritual Direction and really being heard, while you encounter the Sacred in your life's daily journey. We will commune in shared space, experience newness and growth in our hearts and awareness, while rejoicing in nature as we wine, dine, create and live fully for three magical days of loving exactly who we are. 

Sign Ups for this retreat open today! Please sign up here and know that you have a weekend of restoration and wholeness planned for the kick-off of 2016! Loving yourself starts now!

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