Sunday, August 9, 2015


It isn't just hot here in North Carolina; it is humid. Today, I was driving with the windows down, sweating through my clothes and wondering why I felt so drained and utterly exhausted. It was 102 degrees (F). All I kept thinking about is how badly I wanted a cool breeze. It is time for a cool breeze. 

I had a friend tell me that he has been so thirsty lately. Thirsty for creativity and faith; that this season has been so dry. I could not help but agree even. Walking around my garden this morning all I could note was how many of the plants seem to be withering and drying up. They are nearly finished with their fruitful work this season. The cucumber vines are tired, the tomatoes are no longer producing and the leaves are brown, and the squash leaves are growing mold we can't seem to fight. Even the quail seem to huff and puff as they lay their eggs later and later in the evenings. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, the seasons are changing. It may be hot today and I might be feeling that thirst for a spiritual awakening, but the cool breeze is coming and it is coming soon. That is how seasons seems to work. We step into them and grow to our fullest potential and then another one comes our way and then we step into that season. This is the way that creation seems to unfold. 

When talking about to my Mom about my fears in becoming a mother, she added some great wisdom to my understanding of seasons. She said that when you have a baby (and this will last all their lives) you will find yourself in these short seasons. Right at the moment when you feel like your are stuck and nothing is going to change, the baby will do something new. It will smile, or it will notice the stars and gasp, or it will stand, then it will say your name. About every month, she promised that something new will happen that will refresh the experience of parenthood and give me energy to stay the course of growth and transformation alongside this new young being. 

Isn't this true of life? This week, I really woke up and thought, I am ready for a change and I can't take another hot week of planning for the fall. No matter if I planned it or not, this week is the last of our summer season. Come Friday, everything will shift into a new season for me and for Joel, leaving us once again, refreshed and vibrant for the unknown days ahead. 

Right when we think that we just cannot take it anymore, something shifts. Right when you cannot imagine the world being hotter or dryer, it will rain. This is a pattern I have noticed in the world I know. This is an assurance I have in the Creator that made it all. 

My Granny likes to say, "This too shall pass" and she is right. No matter how long or how painful, it will be over someday. The seasons will still change and we will evolve along with them. And while I might be a little nostalgic about the sweet sounds of the summer bugs and barefoot walks around a flourishing garden, I do love the excitement of what is to come. The Fall offers new colors, new doors, new avenues of delight and exhilaration if I dare to accept them. 

I cool breeze is coming. Change is in the air. God is doing a new thing...

A new season is nearly here. 

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