Sunday, August 9, 2015

Let's talk about Sex (of the Baby)

After just over 4 months of knowing about this little being inside me and feeling the flutters and kicks as it grows more and more each day; it is finally time to find out a little bit more!

There was never a debate between about whether we would find out the sex of the baby. In spite of all the crow I have had to eat with this decision, it was an obvious one to us. We wanted to know and halfway in seems like the perfect time.

On Friday, we arrived for our ultra sound and I have to admit I was really nervous. This was our first real glimpse of this child, fully formed, and I had no idea what to expect. What we discovered was pure magic. The first glimpses we had of the baby were so incredible that I could not stifle my excitement and I began to laugh. Laughing during an ultrasound makes it hard to get a good look at the baby so I had to find a way to calm down. 

We saw the baby's whole body. Bones, organs, hands, was moving so much which explains all that I have felt inside me for the last 4 weeks. This child is a wiggly one. Then the next thing we know, it puts it's hands in front of it's face right when we were about to see it for the first time. Then, like playing peek-a-boo the arms moved apart and a little face pressed forward. 

We were amazed! The face we saw had eyes and a smile. It was a face that looks a lot like mine just looking at us (or so it seemed). It was an awesome experience of coming a little bit closer to the reality we are beginning to know as our baby. 

Putting a face on this movement I feel inside me and the idea I have in my head and heart was the biggest gift of all. It is so motivating to eat well, take care of myself, and pray for a little being whose face I can see when I close my eyes. 

After a few moments, we saw some wiggling legs and our ultrasound tech pointed to a place on the baby's body and said, "This is where the genitals are, can you tell what the sex of your baby is?"


We were thrilled! Tickled to tears and delighted to see the wide-eyed face of our little girl! Please keep her and keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we continue on this truly remarkable journey together. So far so good. Thank you, God!

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