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10 Tips for Living the Fulfilling Life You Desire

photo taken from Inner Awakenings Online
I am a big fan of YouTube sensation J.P Sears on "Awaken with JP". His weekly videos are both thought provoking and hilarious, which I find to be the perfect combination for teaching a fulfilling way of life. I like to chuckle while I am learning. JP may come across as a touch snarky and definitely tongue in cheek, but he has profound truth to share. His videos offer honest social commentation or life changing tips on how to live more fully and more presently to improve your current experience of living. When he is not making YouTube videos, JP Sears is an emotional healing coach and known around the world for his workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

A few days ago I posted a video on Facebook that I thought was incredibly true and worth thinking about. To my surprise there was no apparent interest in this message that I wanted to share with whoever out there in facebook world might be interested. I was a little baffled about it, but I have decided that it did not generate any interest because of the title. JP titled his video "How to RUIN your life". I guess no one is really interested in giving that one a shot. But since I found it's contents so incredible, I have decided to rephrase JP's suggestions and give you this host of advice in the positive rather than the negative. You catch more flies with honey, right? 

So here we go, JP's Sears rephrased: 10 Tips for Living the Fulfilling Life You Desire

1. Take Risks- Don't fear failure, we grow the most when we have to get up and try again. You will never know what you are capable up if you don't ever take any risks. There is no doubt you will surprise yourself and everyone else with what you can achieve and become. 

2. Don't seek other people's approval- You don't need to change yourself to be liked by anyone. Compromising who you are to get attention or love from someone else is literally telling yourself that you are not worthy and that you don't love you. Plus, you cannot make anyone love you or want you. You can only love you and love others. 

3. Take Action- Talk the talk and walk the walk. Don't just tell everyone all the things you are going to do and change about your life, actually do it! Make your word your bond and do the things you say you will do. Be a person of integrity and learn what it is like to be respected and trusted by others. 

4. Value people and use things

5. Don't conceal your emotions- You were made to feel things. You were created to feel emotions. Don't hide them from everyone. Having emotions doesn't make you weak, claiming them makes you honest and authentic and tells yourself that you are worthy of what you feel. Excessive dumping of your emotions on other people is not a good thing, but claiming your emotions is a very healthy practice that will improve your life and self-worth. 

6. Believe that you are unique- You are an individual made with a purpose, with unique gifts and abilities to contribute to this world. Don't settle for being normal or being just like everyone else. You are worthy, you are important and you are special. Believe it!

7. Reveal who you really are- Keeping your true self a secret will stifle your life and potential. It isn't "safer" to hide your true identity or conceal your authentic self. Live fully by claiming and loving all that you are, allowing others to love you the way you were created to be. Don't settle for living a lie or a lesser life.

8. Work hard- In all that you do, do the best work you are capable of. Work hard, be proud of what you have done and be amazed at all that you can accomplish. This does not mean become a workaholic. You can work hard at the job that you do in the time allotted for that job without compromising your rest, personal life, family and freedom. 

9. Trust to your intuition-Don't ignore your intuition. You have been given an inner wisdom, spiritual gifts and a sense of purpose in your life that will guide you in all that you do if you just trust it. The more you listen to this intuition the more you will learn to trust it and see that it seeks to serve you well.  

10. Take personal responsibility- When you make a mistake or do something wrong, claim it, admit to it and work on transforming it. Pointing fingers and blaming other people for the consequences of your own actions inhibits your personal growth and you will get no where. The fruit of that is only pain and suffering. Claiming your mistakes and your successes will enable you to grow to your fullest extent. 

These 10 tips are guaranteed to help you live the fulfilling life that you desire. 

If you would like to view the video and JP's original version of this list please check it out here:

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