Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Secret Language of Birthdays

Years ago, I was introduced to a book that has become a big part of my life today. This book is called, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. As a person in my late teens reading it, I regarded it as an amusement and really didn't consider how any of this information could actually be real. As an adult, I find myself going back to it again and again because what it offers is a foundation to work from and patterns that have appeared to be accurate among the people I know and in myself.

This book offers an explanation of what they call "personology" based on every single day of the year. If you were to read it, you would read about who you are based on your birthday. 

There are many who don't believe in this sort of thing and even find it insulting to be categorized in this way, but this is not at all how I think of this book. There are legitimate patterns that appear in people. Months, weeks, days, reveal character traits that are undeniable. What has caused all the variations are individual experiences and personal growth (in my opinion). I think this book offers a foundation, or a jumping off point, for each person's personality that helps folks know just a touch more about what makes themselves or someone else tick. 

"Many people have long suspected, as astrologers believe, that the day you were born affects your personality. While no one knows exactly how or why, birthdays do tend to be uncannily accurate predictors of psychological tendencies." 

Gary Goldscheider bases his theories of personology on a combination of astrology, numerology, tarot and many years of observing more than 14,000 people. He proposes that "all of life is cyclical: people born on the same day occupy the same point in the year's cycle and thus share certain characteristics."

We keep this book on our coffee table and it isn't long before our guests are plunging into the pages to read about themselves or someone they love. It is a very rare few that find that the description does not sound like themselves at all. 

I do not think this is a be-all-end-all, but it has been a helpful tool over the years when meeting someone knew or trying to work with someone who I am having a hard time working with. It has also aided me as I have been dedicated to years of self-care and self-improvement. It helps me to identify my strengths and claim aspects of who I am that are not socially acceptable, but totally necessary to claim before I can work on them at all.

I have actually read online that this is one of the most shoplifted books in America. I find this surprising because this book is really big!

Fortunately, someone considered just how valuable this tool is and made it possible to access the entire book online for free. All you have to do is click this link and plug in the birthday you are interested in. This application will provide you your birthday information, your week information, your month information and even the season information that is available based on Goldschneider's theories. 

Maybe you won't buy any of this at all. That is fine by me. But, you might find that this is one entertaining book and even if you don't think it is the final word on personality, you won't be able to stop yourself from diving into all it has to offer for hours. 

If you'd like to get really crazy with it, Goldschneider also offers a version of this book called, "The Secret Language of Relationships"  which allows you to look up your birthday in conjunction with someone else and read about how your relationship might play out. It offers interesting ideas on how your combined efforts might be beneficial and work best based on who you both are and how they might polarize for the same reason. It also offers suggestions for the best type of relationship you could have with this person (love, marriage,friendship, family, work, etc). Again, some wise person made this application available online for free. You can click it here to plug in your birthday and someone else's (or two other's birthdays). 

I do believe that people can choose to grow and to change. I don't think we are "stuck" in these descriptions, by any means. However, I do think we start from somewhere and it would not surprise me to find that this somewhere is here. 


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You are on your own

I know that everyone is seeking something. We all were born with a deep desire for something bigger than ourselves, something inside ourselves, outside of ourselves... There is a version of ourselves we are trying to achieve. There is a job that we just know could truly be something we might name "my calling". There is a level of fulfillment that we somehow know is out there, leaving us to wonder how to get there. What do we have to do? Who do we have to become to reach that dream? We have dreams. We have wishes. We have longings for something...more. 

This more is something I am starting to name "fullness". This fullness comes from a place of sacred, divine holiness. It's something we revere and reach for even when we don't categorize it as something particularly religious. There is no denying that it touches something inside us that we might be more incline to call our spirits and we all rejoice when we sense that our spirits have awakened to it.  

Whatever you are seeking, whatever you are longing for that will lead you to a sense of fulfillment, this is something you have to seek on your own. You have to choose it. You have to decide what it is and march on. You have to do this on your own. 

However, you do not have to do it alone. 

There is a big difference between having to do something on your own and having to do it alone. To be alone literally means, "separate, apart, and isolated from others."

No matter what you believe, it is important to realize that you are never alone. There is no way to be alone. Isolated. Separate. Apart. We cannot possibly be apart when we are a part of a wholeness that we cannot escape from no matter what we do. We are intricately tapped into and tied to this creation, this system, this place where we abide that we call "Earth". The very molecules in our bodies tie us to the dirt we walk on. The only way we actually can live is in Union with it all. There is no choice about that.

There is a great injustice in our world today that allows us to culturally believe that we can be alone or worse, that we are alone.  

As believers in the One, we know that we are not ever alone. We can feel it in our cells, in our bones, and in the breath we take- we are WITH God. Like I mentioned yesterday, choosing to know that we live in unity with the Living One inevitably brings this Oneness to life with a full, vibrant experience of community. 

While you may have to seek truth on your own, you are not seeking it alone. Unity with the Holy One brings us into Community. Community speaks messages like arrows that direct us to the paths that take us to the places that our hearts desire to go. Connectedness drops stepping stones to the living places where fulfillment abides and draws us closely into the assurance of more. Knowing that we are unified pulls us like a magnet into Oneness.

This isolated independence of our culture is a deception and will only darken the path to fulfillment, the path to More. 

Whatever you believe, whatever name you call God, the truth of our connectedness to it all will strike a chord in you because you know, you know, you know, that it is truth. 

You have to seek this treasure on your own and you are not alone. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Smoke Your Prayers

The other day I drew an animal medicine card (as is my daily practice). It was a buffalo. The buffalo is a symbol of prayer and my corresponding book went on to tell me that when I draw a buffalo card, I am encouraged to remember the power of my prayers. In many tribes, Native Americans would smoke their prayers either through the passing of the peace pipe in their religious ceremonies or through fires lit with herbs and sacrifices tossed on them as an offering to the Great Spirit. They believed that the smoke would carry their prayers to Great Spirit. This practice isn't as unfamiliar to us as we might initially think. 

Smoking prayers is an ancient human ritual. The Jews did it all the time in the temple, sacrificing animals and burning them as an offering to God to atone for their sins. The Greeks did this in their temples, honoring and making requests of the gods as did the Mayans and Aztecs, and the ancestral worshipers in Asia to name a few. In many Christian services today, particularly in Catholic mass, you will see the burning of incense commonly practiced in worship. 

When Joel and I traveled around South East Asia, we encountered homes, stores, and street corners that had a twig of incense tucked into a crack in the sidewalk, a shrine on the side of the building or even in a hole in a tree, burning their prayers for luck and protection from evil. 

Incense offerings for protection and luck in Hoi An, Vietnam

Very often, celebrating with friends at bars or breweries, someone who doesn't usually smoke will declare suddenly that they like to "smoke when they drink" and buy a pack a cigarettes to pass around to anyone who would like to partake for the evening. The very act of this gathering time together on many levels is the prayer itself. It is a prayer of thanksgiving for the thing we celebrate as a group of friends in support of another. Or it is a prayer for community, a hope for uniting to another living soul for a moment of authenticity. Or a prayer to be released, even for just a few hours from the burdens and tasks to come in the day ahead. This simple, unspoken prayer is answered as another celebratory smoker hops up to enjoy a moment of one-on-one-time with a friend, releasing their prayers for peace, community, connection, freedom, gratitude and hope into the night sky. 

Human beings have been smoking our prayers for an eternity in all cultures and backgrounds. We gather around grills and campfires, letting our lungs fill with the charred scents of our hopes for nourishment, company, rest and refreshment. We make great efforts to build fire-pits in the backyard and invite people over to burn moving boxes or love letters or anything we can make an excuse for, in an effort to smoke our prayers to heaven. We love to do this with people and we love to do it alone. We love to smoke our prayers.

Prayer, as I have said before, is communication with God. It is the speaking and listening that happens in a healthy relationship with the Divine. In order for this post to make any sense at all, you first have to decide who God is for you. If God is this unreachable old, bearded man in the sky who you can talk at when you feel like it, then smoking your prayers might be a hard idea to wrap your head around. But if God could be something more, could be the very atoms that make up your being, could be the very water that gives your body fullness, or the breath that is literally keeping you alive, then perhaps, you might connect to this powerful idea. 

Incense offerings to Buddha in Chain Mai, Thailand

Scripture tells us that we are made in the image of God. God is the creator of all things who created each of us and the systems that we are intricately a part of. The creation story that many Christians love so well, speaks of God literally breathing life into Adam (which means man). Then he shapes Eve (which means life) from Adam's side and breathes life into her. God's very breath gives life. Made in His image, would this story not also share with us a truth that our very breath gives life? That all the words that we utter in earnest are powerful, energetic forces bringing these words into existence as something alive? 

Christians and Jews are not the only ones who talk of creation this way. Humanity knows our words build up and break down. We know this in the core of who we are. 

In Hebrew the word for God's Spirit is Ruach which means breath. The breathing in and exhaling out in our daily living is an encounter with the Divine. It is our connection to the Living One from which our very breaths are also co-creating life with the words and energies we are releasing into the world and into our own awareness. We are calling forth our joys and our sorrows. God has given us the power to do this alone and he has given us the choice to do this WITH him. It is co-creating with Him that has brought so much goodness into the world.

No wonder we are so attracted to smoke. Hookah bars, campfires, pot, candles, hearths, we love to gather with others around a source of flame and smoke in all these forms. Are we drawn to the warmth? Are we drawn to the feeling it gives us? Are we drawn to the community that gathers around and shares this intimate space? Is it all of these experiences rolled into one?

Perhaps,we most aware, even unconsciously, that when three or more are gathered together, Christ is there also.That there is power in numbers. That unity with God brings us into community in Christ. And in community, our prayers are even more powerful. The energy we pour out is even more magnetic or destructive. And then to add an energy source like a flame and smoke, suddenly our prayers are rising into the atmosphere and calling forth the uttered and unuttered desires of our souls... this is no joke!

We are already living in prayer. We forget who we are praying to, we forget who we are drawn to, and we forget who we are longing to connect to, but our practices remain as true as they were 10,000 years ago. We gather in community together, lighting candles, incense, cigarettes, weed, campfires, fire-pits, hookahs and stoves because somewhere, deeply ingrained in our collective human unconscious, we know we are one step closer to holiness when we do this. We are one step closer to the Holy One. Which means, we feel just a little bit more whole ourselves.

Imagine, what could be possible if we did any of this with intention and conscious awareness of the power that the Divine has placed in our very breaths. We could have faith that moves mountains. We could do as Jesus promised we could do, greater miracles than even he. 

Image result for blowing out the candles

The power of prayer, which is the power of being in united relationship with Great Spirit. The power of community which is present love and abundance in the moment, connecting you to all creation. Combined with the intentional practice and gestures of faith, could change the world. And what's crazy, is that we are already doing all three of these things regularly. We just don't even think about what it means or what it could mean if we did it with intention.

What if we KNEW we were smoking our prayers? What if we intended to smoke our prayers together as a community, a church? How could our communities transform? What about our hearts? Our faith? Our lives? I truly believe that anything could be possible. 

*Just for the record, I am not condoning smoking marijuana or cigarettes. I am just noting what I think it means for people in our culture on a spiritual level.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

There has to be More to Life

This morning, Joel and I decided that we would have our own worship service together. We both desired to worship God but for a comedy of reasons, we were not able to attend a worship service at a local church. Instead of just forgetting about it or lamenting our poor planning, we sat down in the living room and commenced to worshiping on our own. 

We didn't have a plan, and I strongly believe that when worshiping the Holy One a "plan" is not ever necessary. In fact, far too often, "the plan" turns into the very thing that limits us from even connecting to the One in the first place. Joel started to play his guitar. The movements of his fingers became a song which turned into typing on a keyboard to look up the lyrics, and soon we began to sing together. One song led into another song and then he cued me to open my Bible. I opened it to where it was marked. I marked it long ago and I cannot remember what lesson I was marking it for or what stage of life this passage was referring to, but I read the first words where my eyes fell. 

Isaiah 43: 18-21 

“Forget about what’s happened;
    don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
    It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
    rivers in the badlands.
Wild animals will say ‘Thank you!’
    —the coyotes and the buzzards—
Because I provided water in the desert,
    rivers through the sun-baked earth,
Drinking water for the people I chose,
    the people I made especially for myself,
    a people custom-made to praise me."

I read this passage over and over again. It took some repetition because I wept so much by how exactly I needed to hear these words. The power of these words struck me. In the moment when I flipped open to this page, I was thinking about the past. I was thinking about how I long for something that I am not getting now. How I used to think of church, how I used to be able to worship and experience the Holy there. I had just rehearsed the narrative that I have been telling for months about how there has to be something more, something deeper, something Holy in this mystery I call being the church. I know I have been custom made to praise the Holy One. What am I missing?

The answer is clear and Isaiah isn't the only prophet who has been speaking this truth for thousands of years. The answer is the Holy One. The answer IS now. 

God commands, "Be alert. Be present." God is doing a new thing right now. God is at work right now in this moment and I am missing it in all my longing and remembering how it used to be. What is God doing now that I am not paying attention to? This is the question I should be asking because this is where fulfillment will be found. This is where thirst is quenched. 

Eugene Peterson (a prophet of our age) wrote the introduction to Isaiah in his translation of the Bible called "The Message". Peterson offers some insight that hit me right between the eyes today, and most certainly struck a chord in my longing heart. 

"The book of Isaiah is expansive, dealing with virtually everything that is involved in being a people of God on this planet Earth. The impressive art of Isaiah involves taking the stuff of our ordinary and often disappointing human experience and showing us how it is the very stuff that God uses to create and save and give hope. As this vast panorama opens up before us, it turns out that nothing is unusable by God. He uses everything and everybody as material for his work, which is the remaking of the mess we have made of our lives."

This week, I had the pleasure and honor of working alongside a talented young Youth Director who hired me to consult her as she planned out her year of youth ministry. After a few conversations about creativity and art, it wasn't long before she decided that she wanted her theme for the year of Youth Education to be, "Creative Mess". I actually have a sign in my kitchen that reads, "A creative mess is better than an ideal neatness". God uses everything and everyone as material for his work. His work is the remaking of the mess we have made of our lives...the re-creation of our lives. The recreation of our lives in Him. 

Peterson speaks to Isaiah's message about God's work in the world as a "Salvation Symphony". This symphony is a fusion of simplicity and complexity as human beings grapple with our need to connect to The Holy while still hoping to fill that void on our own. 

I believe that my life is a living expression of worship. That in all that I do and become, I am living in worship of God. When I am not actively engaged in living this way I feel disconnected, disjointed and off base. The longing that I have described above is to be connected to the Holy all the time. I ache for an experience, a knowing of holiness that is a revolution, that is powerful, that is entirely REAL! Peterson, again, says it better than I can:

"The more hours we spend pondering the words of Isaiah, the more the word “holy” changes in our understanding. If “holy” was ever a pious, pastel-tinted word in our vocabularies, the Isaiah-preaching quickly turns it into something blazing. Holiness is the most attractive quality, the most intense experience we ever get of sheer life—authentic, firsthand living, not life looked at and enjoyed from a distance. We find ourselves in on the operations of God himself, not talking about them or reading about them. Holiness is a furnace that transforms the men and women who enter it. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is not needlepoint. It is the banner of a revolution, the revolution."

I long to be living first-hand, authentically in the operations of God himself. I long for a sheer life of blazing holiness, a revolution of love and Oneness in the world. This morning, I heard myself saying to Joel, "I don't believe that God would allow this to be the desire of my heart if it is not possible or if there are not others who long for this with me." I know there is more to life than what we experience in the pews, in our surface readings of scripture, and in our good-person to-do list's. I want more. I long for more. Don't you?

How will we begin this journey with the Holy One together?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lessons from the Garden

Having a garden in your backyard is a beautiful, miracle of an experience. We continue to be inspired and awed by the gifts of the Earth that we receive daily during this sweet summer season. 

This is our second summer with a backyard garden and we have already learned so much about maintaining and caring for such an incredible creature. While there are many, many, many fruits and gifts to be had from these efforts and the Creator's blessing, we still have been able to glean some lessons to help us become better gardeners next summer too.

Here are some of the lessons the garden has taught us:

Basil and Thai Basil are much happier growing out of a pot that can be moved if they get too much of any particular element. These two have been quite prolific just sitting on our steps throughout the day. Putting them in the herb garden last year was a bad idea. We lost them both within weeks. So far, they have lasted the summer and we have enjoyed their delicious flavors over and over again. 

While this has been a "no-no" to some, we let our collards, kale and swisschard go to seed and then regrow at the beginning of the summer. We are still enjoying these hardy green leaves and believe that second-season kale and collards are more tender and easier to enjoy in a salad than their first-season selves. They have been very tasty, even with smaller leaves. Plus, their flowers have really attracted a lot of bees to the garden which is always a good thing.

Our carrots are finally starting to get bigger and we are pleased with how they are growing (their harvest time has not come yet). However, we have learned recently that if you'd like your root crops (carrots, potatoes, etc) to grow long and wide, you have to provide them with up to 18 inches of loose soil so that they can freely develop. Note to self...

We have a bed with tomatoes and purple bell peppers in it that is struggling. Fortunately, we have planted enough tomatoes that loosing a few plants has not been a issue even if we have been sorry to see them fight for life like they have. This bed was used for tomatoes last summer and while we did fertilize it, we did not add extra soil or compost to it this spring when we were planting. Tomatoes use a lot of nutrients and this bed really needed a good hearty dose of love to bring it back to the level of life-giving it needed to be to support these hungry plants. 

This is a wonderful jalapeno plant. This would be great and I do love jalapenos except that I planted the seeds for this plant from a seed bag labeled "green bell pepper". I am happy to add some spicy goodness to my life, but I am a little sorry to know that I will be having a A LOT of jalapenos this summer instead of the green bell peppers that I planned for. Sometimes seed labels or seeds given to you from friends are not accurate. 

Our ladies are not laying yet (won't get our first eggs until the end of August) but we are keeping them happy and well fed. We have learned that no matter what you cannot keep chicken water dishes clean. They will find a way to poop in their water no matter what you do. So we devised a water system using "chicken nipples" so that they have to tap for their water up high rather than the puddle system we were using down low. They certainly prefer the puddle system because it is easier for them, but until they learn that drinking water is not their potty, they are using the nipples. 

We have continued to have an amazing harvest from our cucumbers, squash and zucchini, which has been made possible because we have given continual effort to fighting off the vine-bores that will destroy these plants. We have been keeping their leaves fresh and clean and bug-free. We also have had been periodically dusting the base of these plants with pesticide to keep the vine-bores away so that we can continue to enjoy such a rich harvest. We have used both organic and non-organic dusts to see which one is works more effectively. The jury is still out on that...

Eggplants are always a good idea! That is really all I have to say on the subject. They have grown well, they have few pests, and could not be more lovely to look at. The same goes for our okra. 

Tomatoes with the right nutrients in the soil are happy and prolific! Look at these beauties!

Sadly, we have learned that quail can turn to cannibalism if the conditions are right. We have had a very hot summer and during a week where every single day reached over 100 degrees F the birds starting pecking at one another. They start with pulling out some feathers and end with full on zombie-fest. We lost 4 birds to this horrifying response to high temperatures. We are down to three now and continue to get eggs from the hens. Though,I have to admit, I think of these guys a little differently since that experience. It has been a cannibalism-free month so far and for that, I am grateful. 

Cantaloupes are a great idea! We have had such a nice harvest of cantaloupes. They don't need much and make nice big fruit that we can enjoy raw or for juice. The only issue we have had with them is that there is a opossum in the yard who likes to take one bite out of them and then wander off. 

These are some of the little lessons (sometimes big lessons) that we have learned from our little Eden this summer. Even with the learning curve, we are still being blessed with a colander of goodies a day! We could not hope for better and honestly, I hold that colander everyday totally in awe of God's provision. What a gift!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What is Spiritual Direction?

I am currently studying at Charlotte Spirituality Center to become a certified Spiritual Director. There is so much beauty and potential in this course, that sometimes I find the descriptions of Spiritual Direction inadequate. As a student at the center, I am spiritually nourished and fed to overflowing with the material, the practice, the intimate cohort I study and practice with, and the leadership that pours love into my life. All of the students receive Spiritual Direction monthly and have an Adviser who guides us into becoming the version of a Spiritual Director that we were destined to be. All of that said, there are so many people in my life who still aren't sure what Spiritual Direction is. I was one of them only a year ago, so I thought it would be an important move to stop and explain what Spiritual Direction has become to me and my experience of it. I hope this affords some clarity to those who are curious or possibly interested in receiving some Spiritual Direction in the future. 

image from Charlotte Spirituality Center

In my studies, I have read descriptions of Spiritual Direction that go something like this:

  1. Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn and grow in their own personal spirituality. The person seeking direction shares stories of his or her encounters of the divine, or how he or she is experiencing spiritual issues.
Or something like this:

Spiritual direction focuses on religious experience. It is concerned with a person’s actual experience of a relationship with God. Spiritual direction is about a relationship. The religious experience is not isolated, nor does it consist of extraordinary events. It is what happens in an ongoing relationship between the person and God. Most often this is a relationship that is experienced in prayer. Spiritual direction is a relationship that is going somewhere. God is leading the person to deeper faith and more generous service. The spiritual director asks not just “what is happening?” but “what is moving forward?” The real spiritual director is God. God touches the human heart directly. The human spiritual director does not “direct” in the sense of giving advice and solving problems. Rather, the director helps a person respond to God’s invitation to a deeper relationship. 

Or like this:

Being a Spiritual Director is like being a midwife laboring alongside someone who is pregnant with a revelation from God and helping them deliver it safely into their consciousness. 

Photo by Sarah DeSheilds from the CSC website

In dream interpretation, when someone dreams they are pregnant (when they are not) they are actually "pregnant" with an idea, a new creation, a new understanding of self, a new dream. Delivering this "baby" is really bringing this new life (idea) into the world. 

Having loved dream interpretation for years and practiced it for most of my adult life, I found myself naturally drawn to the idea of a Spiritual Director being like a Spiritual midwife helping someone birth a revelation from God. The problem with this analogy is that it makes itself pretty inaccessible to men. I want to go ahead and say that just because women have been the bearers of new life biologically, does not mean that men don't also labor a new creation into existence all the time. Men labor on God's revelations and Men have spiritual experiences just as often as women. I don't want anyone to think that Spiritual Direction is a "female" thing. This is simply a metaphor I happen to like and feel connected to in explaining a beautiful gift of the Spirit that is changing my life. 

My personal experience being Spiritually Directed has been so life-giving. A typical direction session lasts for an hour. My director will invite me into a clean, hospitable, quite space and light a candle to remind me that the presence of the Spirit is with us. Then she will offer to open us in prayer or clear the mood with a moment of silence that I can break when I am ready. For the next hour, I will hear things pour out of my mouth that I didn't even know I was thinking about or wanted to discuss. 

Photo from the CSC website

My director will ask me questions that guide me a little deeper into a thought I had or statement I made. She will sometimes repeat things I have said over and over just so I know this is coming up again and again, or sometimes will summarize what I have just told her. Occasionally, when I am stuck or too emotional to speak, she will ask me to imagine something or just sit with that moment and be open to what the Spirit might reveal to me. In every instance, there is great revelation and growth. I walk away feeling full and whole with plenty to pray about and ponder.

As I have practiced direction as a Spiritual Director, I have also found that this experience of direction is incredibly life-giving. Unlike counseling, the Director and Directee are both choosing to be present to the Spirit at work in our lives and in the moment, so the Spirit is working on both participants simultaneously. As a Director, I am trained in Holy Listening and learning to discern when the Spirit is guiding me to share something or when I am simply to remain quiet. 

Photo from CSC website (I like these because they are from my class)

In a moment of direction, I have discovered a whole new freedom learning that I am not responsible for solving a problem for the directee or making sure they have a meaningful experience. My role is to listen, REALLY listen to them and be open to what the Spirit is doing in that moment. God is the one who is shaping their lives and opening their hearts and the truth is, mine is being shaped and opened in that moment too. When I am able to truly let go and give myself to the moment of BEING with this person and the Holy Spirit (and it becomes easier and easier), I am humbled and awed by how little I am actually bringing to the table. God is bringing it all. I am touched, the directee is touched, and something profound is revealed to both of us. I believe this is possible because we both want to be there and we both are seeking the presence of the Holy One. 

However it works, it is an honor and a joy to labor alongside someone as they seek to discover what God is doing in their lives. It is life-giving to sit in a designated, holy moment with another person and be present to the Holy Spirit. It is a dream come true to me that this is a job and a offering that I am able to share with the world at this time in my life. 

Image result for charlotte spirituality center

I have another year until I am certified as a Spiritual Director so I have lots of free practice hours to offer anyone who is interested and seeking Spiritual Direction. I believe everyone should be investing in their Spiritual Life in this way or something like it. I know how powerful and transformational it has been for me and I would love to share this with you. 

If you would like to read more about Spiritual Direction please visit my school's website here. You can find certified directors there or drop in and talk with the Directors about classes. If you would like to seek me out for Spiritual Direction, that would be my joy! Feel free to contact me here

Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure.
- Henri Nouwen