Thursday, June 25, 2015

Casting Spells

For those of you who know me, you are probably aware that I have had a little fascination with witches all my life. I guess it started when I was a child watching The Wizard of Oz. I really prided myself on being able to say this line with absolute precision:

Then came my obsession with The Little Mermaid... I wanted to be Ariel, but I loved singing along with Ursula. That alto... she was so free to do whatever she wanted, such an evil bad-ass.

After those years, I had to read the Crucible in school and saw just how dangerous and destructive this title, along with these accusations could be, especially when they were created out of pure selfishness and intended for death.

Later, my enjoyment of magical beings was revived with films like Practical Magic and the wonderful, romantic way these "good" witches used their gifts for spell casting in their daily lives. I really found myself wondering if I had this gift or if it could possibly be something I could learn. 

As an adult, I find myself more interested in native shamanic traditions, medicine healers, and spiritual mediums. While I do appreciate and would prefer to enjoy their traditional garb in my day to day...


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... I recognize that people with these types of skills and gifts live their daily lives just like I do. In fact, I would venture to explore that we all have their ability to cast spells. 

We cast spells on one another all the time. "I believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to! You really can do it! You are so smart! You are so beautiful! You are so loved!" That is a spell. I have cast that spell on many people in my life. It boosts them and fills them with confidence and a new hope. You see the vigor reenter their spirits as they leave ready to become what you said out loud because, you see, they wanted this spell cast over them. They came to me seeking a spell for confidence and assurance. They knew I would be able to do that for them. I can cast spells on myself too. I can speak over myself how loved or how worthy and capable I am. I can boost my own life-vigor just as I do for others with my magic. 

There are other spells too. The ones that we are warned about, the ones that get witches hung or burned at the stake. These spells diminish life for someone else. They pull energy from people and take the "greening" out of their vibrant experience of living. We learn to cast these spells as children and for some, we don't ever fully understand the magic that we use to take energy from one another until it destroys us or someone else. "You are stupid. You are worthless. No one can possibly love you. You are ugly. You should be ashamed of yourself! You are a bad boy!"

These spells are sins because they separate us from the Divine, removing us from the life force, the Vine. Both the caster and the receiver of the spell feel the effects of this dark magic. 

What is interesting about spells is that you can ward them off. You can protect yourself from the spells cast in your life. The problem often arises out of the fact that the spells you cast on yourself will draw that same energy out of someone else. If you are telling yourself that you are worthless then that same spell will pour out of someone else's mouth or gestures to continue to affirm the spell you worked so diligently to cast over yourself. This works the same way in the positive. We can cast life-giving energy into our lives and will find that same energy showered over us as we call those spells forth.

Have you ever been in a terrible mood because you have told yourself something that was breaking you? In that terrible mood, did you pick a fight with someone? Provoke someone to say something to hurt you more? This is dark magic. This is a spell that you have spoken over your life. Again, the same thing happens in the positive. You cast a spell of hope and love into your life and you will seek out like energy to continue to affirm that spell and add power to that spell. The magic will continue to feed and grow off that life-force. 

Witches have been around much too long in the human narrative for their magic to not be taken seriously. What I think is more important is that we are the witches for ourselves and for others. From the Christian perspective, Jesus tells us that we will do even greater things than he has done. We have the power, the ability, the...magic. We speak life or death over ourselves and others. We cast spells and have known plenty of people living under a spell of darkness or light. For every Wicked Witch of the West setting fire to a joyful, bumbling scarecrow, there is a pink bubble floating in with a creature full of magical goodness reminding us that...

"You have had the power all along."

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