Monday, June 29, 2015

There is no Autocorrect

It has been a while since I have seen a Youtube video that has caught my attention enough to repost it. This one takes the cake! To continue our conversation from the Punch Brothers, here is Princeea from This Spoken Word Now. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Special Announcement!

After 7 years together, 10 months of dating, a year of engagement, 5 years of marriage, 12 countries explored together, 6 continents, countless National Parks, 2 major US road trips, insane parties, annual burning Christmas trees, 2 major graduations, 2 CD releases, getting out of debt, saving money, three epic surprises, lock-ins with middle schoolers, lots of new friends, reuniting with lots of old friends, so much family time, loving nearly 6oo preteens, loosing two grandpas, being part of 3 intentional communities, 2 churches, 6 moves, Residence life, a lot of laughs, so many weddings, so much volunteering in the community, camping trips, starting a business, throwing pots, so many RA's, so many incredible transformations, CROSS summers, CROSS interns, endless growing up together, 4 jobs, so many beers, Bullet, Kindred Spirit, mission trips, great talks, dancing all night, a dang good garden, 2 pets, one amazing god-son, 2 Grands in the nursing home, lots of band gigs, countless painting nights, hundreds of blog posts,lots of porch sittin', praying ceaselessly, a marriage that gets better every single day, God's incredible abundance, and even some hard times along with the great ones...


spending time in MI

epic advice from Pawpaw

Our wedding day with the youth

our wedding day

Dancing all night

Honey-Mission in Malawi

Living at Queens

our wedding day

RA training

7 White Trash Christmas Parties

Road trip in NZ

burning trees and tribal dances

Mr. Mango

So many costumes

Middle School Retreats

Family time Lowrance Style

Joining the church with the confirmands

Mission trip to Heifer Ranch, AK
Cinque Terre, Italy

Florence, Italy

Painting night in our apartment at Queens

Prague, Czech Republic

Munich, Germany

Another wedding

Colorado National Monument

Zion National Park, UT

Crater Lake, Oregon

Canyonlands, UT

Joel throwing pots

So many hot springs, sometimes naked



Paris, France

Camping in Death Valley, CA

New Years in Berlin!

Visiting my second home in Zurich

The Castle and cider in Salzburg, Austria

Mt. Cook, Hooker Glacier in NZ

National Road Trips!

Life at Queens University as Adults 
Partying at Red Rocks, CO

Our sweet god-son

Road trips to camp national parks

Lots of dances

Coaching Girls on the Run

Epic hot springs in Chile

Great friends in great locations
Chile with friends

Lots of camping

Camping in Chile

Family time Doll Style

Family time Tomkinson Style

Skydiving over Franz Joseph Glacier in NZ (that's me!)

New Zealand, South Island

Cheddar, England

Stonehenge, England

Swimming in a mermaid lagoon, Wicki Wachee, FL

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Joel's graduation from grad school!

Fruit Smoothie Trio (Joel's band)

Joel's real life at Queens

Surprise graduation party (undergrad)

Class Presidents

Beach trips!

Mardi Gras!

Joel MCing everything

and there were band gigs

Trip to Australia 

Visits with friends

More band gigs

Mission Trips

RA training

Morrrrre band gigs

Whale watching, NZ

Sky Diving

Outdoor bathtub, NZ


6 Easter's at Covenant


6.5 yrs in youth ministry

Celebrating with friends

Moving into Bromley

Youth trips- 5 years of the Odyssey high ropes course


Trips with friends

Surprise party after grad school graduation

Amazing co-workers

CROSS Missions

Pettin' tigers

Hue, Vietnam

Many prayers

Our engagement in Maine


Great Friends, great wedding!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Tiger petting in Thailand

Chaing Mai, Thailand

Amazing weddings!

Hiking on our 5 yr anniversary

... we have decided to answer the call to our next grand adventure...

We are having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This photo was taken at our "coming out" party. My mom took a group photo and said, "Everyone smile and say, Claire is pregnant!" People just dropped their jaws, and rushed us. It was awesome!

(new Tomkinson due to arrive Christmas 2015)