Thursday, May 21, 2015


Monday was the day! It was time to put the chicks outside! They had finally outgrown their box, they didn't need their light, and really, puberty has set in big time. We could hear them in there knocking each other around as their pecking order must be settling in and their baby fuzz was starting to float out of the box and into the house. They had just outgrown their indoor life and my nose had outgrown their stinky spills. It was time!

Now, the girls are enjoying their homemade, big-girl coop outside. They took to it right away. Truthfully, they seemed relieved to be outside. One immediately flapped around, even got a little air before landing on her sister. They explored the coop slowly  and didn't seem the least bit bothered by Booger (our cat) who was only curious for all of one second before he was too hot to stand up anymore (he has quite the case of shedding the winter fur now and all he wants to do is lie around). 

They are not big enough or curious enough to climb up to the nesting box yet, but when that time comes I am going to block it off. My chicken resources advise that it is much better to keep your chicks from the nesting box until they are laying so they don't get used to being able to poop in there. If they sleep in it, then they will poop in it and chicken poop=salmonella. We will make the box available when they are ready to lay and just avoid developing that bad habit at all. 

One of the girlies (I suspect the one on top of the pecking order) has been enjoying roosting on the lowest branch in the coop. Her sister isn't quite ready, but will hopefully join her soon. They so enjoyed sitting on our fingers when they were wee lasses that I can't help but think they will love roosting. 

For their comfort, I did make a little box for them on the ground so they could cuddle and keep warm if the summer temperatures drop strangely. 

So far, so good. We have two chicks that appear to be happy, healthy and growing. Can't ask for more...except maybe some eggs...but time will tell on that. Until then, check out my mad chicken skills.

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