Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A couple of Chicks

Raising chicks has been a rewarding experience so far. What we have enjoyed most about the chicks is how social they truly are. While they might startle when you first open their box, they quickly take to you as long as you don't separate them for too long. 

The little peepers at the start of week 2 of life
I grew up with parakeets. My Dad taught me everything he knew about handling birds and I took it pretty seriously as a kid. While holding the chicks one evening, before I even thought about what I was doing, my natural inclination was to stick my finger out and lightly tap one of the chicks on the breast to indicate that I'd like her to sit on my finger. It wasn't until she stepped right up and made herself comfortable that I realized what I had done. Joel tried it too. We were amazed that the chicks were very happy to perch on our fingers. Not only were they happy to, they seem to prefer it to us handling them. We stick our fingers in the coop and pull out a bird almost every time now. 

Week 3 of life
The first time we realized that we could have them sit on our fingers it was in the evening. This was probably their first experience with anything that might be like roosting. While Joel and I sat facing each other, chatting, petting the chicks who were perched on our fingers, I noticed my girl was starting to droop. I watched closely as her eyes closed and she, like a little kid, began to nod off. Joel's chick was doing the same thing. It was the cutest moment with the girls. We had no idea they would have such personalities or trust us so fully that they would sleep on us.

Week 4 of life
There are only two of them so their personality differences really do stand out. One is more skiddish and vocal. We can't help but call her "Squawky" because that is what she does the most when we disturb her. Her counterpart is "Peeper" who is much more adventurous and trusting. She even seems apt to cuddle at times. 

Chicken hug
What's been more amazing than the chicks interest in us is how fast they are growing. They are living into their 4th week of life and they are totally different birds. I can't wait to introduce them to their coop outside!

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