Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What the Quail?

We have quail. 

Our quail are wonderful little creatures. They were hand raised by Joel's mom, laid right in her garage quail-hatchery and hatched in an incubator in her kitchen. They have been touched, petted and sung to their entire three months existence, which makes them a pleasant flock to take care of. Nothing scares them and they seem delighted to be petted and talked to.

We are keeping in them in a small chicken coop in the back yard so they have the option to play in the grass or hangout in their nest box. They can pick at things on the ground or enjoy their high protein quail feed. 

We are already enjoying their eggs. They are prolific layers. We have 5 females and 1 male. All of their eggs are fertile and edible. Their eggs are about a third of the size of a chicken egg, so it takes a few more eggs than we are used to using for an omelet in the morning and they sure are tasty! Quail eggs have a slightly nutty flavor and make for a delicious breakfast. 

Joel, delighted by the first egg!

Eggs are not the only reason we are keeping the quail; we want meat. These guys can provide some delicious (dark) meat for our own protein needs. This meat is clean, organic, and hormone free. Joel and his Dad are the processors of the quail and have realized just how simple it is to kill, clean and prepare these little bodies for good eating. 

In time, we will start incubating the eggs to continue growing quail so that we can begin enjoying them not just for their docile demeanor, but also their nutritious eggs and meat. 

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