Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sprouting them Seeds

It's time to start sprouting our seeds, I just feel it in my bones. Joel's folks have been doing this for years, but we started so late in the game last Spring that we haven't had the opportunity to sprout and grow our own seedlings to plant in the garden before now. This almost-Spring I am going for it! I've read that it is typical to start your seedlings growing about now or a little bit before now, especially in North Carolina where the winters do not seem to linger. The key is to put your seedlings in the ground a couple weeks after the last frost. 

I've read and watched all kinds of tutorials on the most efficient ways to sprout your seedlings and I've decided to use what we have. Last fall, I collected and dried out seeds from our green and purple peppers, hot peppers, Thai chilies, and Okra (red and green). To begin, I am going to try and sprout this crew while I order more seeds offline this week and start on round two. 

Seeds I dried and saved from last season

First, I am going to put the seeds in our sprouter. Yes, we have a sprouter and it is because we grow mung beans and bean sprouts. It only occurred to me yesterday that this is what a sprouter does and it will be a simple way to ensure that my seeds have begun to grow before I poke them in some potting soil. 


Once the seeds have sprouted, then I am going to stick them in the seedling containers I kept when I bought our seedlings last season. This is how I stack the sprouter:

Add some bell peppers

Add some chili peppers

Labeling is important

Water everyday

The water drips through the layers and makes sure everyone gets soaked before reaching the bottom

I am also sprouting herbs and flower seeds that I think will be helpful in the garden. Here I have some echinacea which makes a beautiful flower and also creates an immune boosting tea. Also, I am growing marigolds which create a bee-attracting flower and also gives off a mosquito repelling scent. Win-win. I've saved the heads of these flowers from last season (or other people's yards) to use for seeds in this endevour. I've planted them right into the potting soil and will water them daily.