Friday, March 20, 2015


After a trip to Lowes to pick up potting soil and grow lights, we are ready to start letting our veggies grow!

First, I sprouted some of our seeds in the sprouter. Second, I placed sprouted seeds and regular seed in seedling containers with potting soil. These planted seeds need to be watered daily so I took a disposable plastic bottle and poked holes in the lid so that I could use it to create a gentle water flow for watering these delicate, germinating seeds. Then I covered the seedling containers with plastic wrap to keep the soil moist throughout the day. 

Once the seedlings started poking through the surface of the soil, I placed them in my "grow light box". Thanks for Joel's dad, I was able to watch a helpful video tutorial to make one. Check out the video here:

We already had most of the supplies so it turned out to be a very cost effective venture. This is only the second week and our seeds are doing very well. I can't wait to poke them in the garden beds outside. However, I will wait. It is best to plant your seedlings after the final frost and we have a chilly weekend ahead.  

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