Friday, February 27, 2015

Part 2: Cry-ercise

Last Spring, I wrote about Cry-ercise with the hopes that readers would give their tear-ducts a workout from time to time to help detox their bodies. I still believe that crying is a very important way that we can become healthier, happier people. Apparently, my method of "milking" is not unique, though. 

My husband showed me a sketch by comedian, Dane Cook. He describes my method perfectly while giving it a catchy name: "Weep-a-thon". I have to admit, I could not even laugh the first time that I watched this because I thought he must have been spying on me for most of my life. I was pretty stunned by the accuracy of his humor. Seeing it multiple times now, I laugh out loud and appreciate what he is able to convey through raw human experience. It is a gift to cry and it is a gift to laugh. It's awesome to have another person who is on the same page.

"Weep-a-thon" by Dane Cook