Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Filtered Water

Two years ago, my Aunt spent some time researching water filtration systems for her home. Living in the Florida jungle on well water overtaken by iron and silt, this was a very important move for her family's health. In the process of researching, she came across a company called "Berkey". Berkey creates portable water purification systems. This was exactly what she was hoping to find and it would mean that she could filter her tap water and she could use her Berkey to purify pond or lake water if a hurricane should knock out their well during a storm. It was the perfect system. She was so impressed with it that she bought a Berkey light system for everyone in the family so that we could all live healthier lives. 

Photo credit to Berkey 

Berkey black filters are some of the best ceramic filters available to the public. These filters are able to remove 99.9% of water contaminates. They remove organic matter, bacteria, viruses, chemicals (like chlorine), metals, and volatile organic substances. In other words, you could poop in the top of your Berkey and the water that filters to the bottom will be 99% pure by the time it reaches your lips. They also last a lifetime if you clean time properly (every few years, depending on what you filter). 

Having this purification system available in our home opens the door for us to make beneficial choices for our health. We can choose not to drink chlorine and fluoride which is automatically added to our city water. Chlorine has been linked to inhibiting iodine absorption in the body which can slow your thyroid and weaken your immune system (without iodine, your body cannot absorb vital minerals needed to live). It is amazing to simply have that option.

Photo credit to Berkey

This system also allows us to use other sources for water in times of need just like my Aunt hoped for. It gives us the freedom to collect water and purify it or find another water source if something goes terribly wrong here like a natural disaster. It also makes it very easy to make delicious beneficial drinks and food like our Kombucha which requires filtered water in order to brew it. 

Joel and I both carry Nalgene bottles to ensure that we are getting enough water everyday (enough water equals- 1/2 your body weight in ounces). Nalgene bottles (or bottles like them) are great because they are BPA free which means they will not leach chemicals into your water over time (chemicals linked typically to cancer).  When purchasing a reusable water-bottle it is important to note if it is BPA free. Throw-away bottles are not BPA free and should not be refilled and used multiple times, especially being left in a hot car because the plastic will leach into the water you are consuming. We refill our Nalgenes with purified water from our Berkey system which provides us good drinking water (chemical free) and saves us money. We save hundreds of dollars each year by not buying filtered water at the store. This also means that we are not throwing away hundreds of plastic bottles each year so we have reduced our waste drastically. It is a win for us and the Earth. Plus, we can avoid city water with all it's additions when we fill up.

Photo credit Nalgene

The Berkey System is pricey on the front end, but it will pay off in the end. Consider it an investment in your health and your future which I believe is always worthy cause. 

Thank you for making this possible for us, Aunt Bobbi.