Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Abundant Grace

A whole lot has transpired since the last time I've written on Waked Up. In fact, I can truly say that my journey of waking up might just be getting started. I have been praying, pondering and studying regularly in the last few months and I believe that God is going to show me a new creation for Waked Up in the year ahead. Stay alert because something new is coming!

For the time being, I have to leave you with an incredible short that is just overflowing with grace and good news. This is a film called “Butterfly Circus” staring Nick Vujicic. We studied it in class over the weekend (more to come on what I am doing in class!).  If you have 20 mins, it is well worth watching. 

Questions to Consider:
1. How do you react when someone tells you that you are worthy? Is this how you react, also to God's love?
2. What are the "sideshows" in your city? Life? Place of business? Family?
3. How did Mendoza help Will in the end? 
4. Could Will have been transformed if he did not first have relationships with this community and specifically Mendoza?
5. What was Will's "advantage"?