Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oz the grid

It would be nice to tell you that Joel and I are totally off the grid which is why you haven't heard from me in a long while. I can just imagine our little hand-crafted cabin in the woods with functional fairy gardens, small live stock and a windmill spinning around powering our home, but this isn't quite what I mean.

Joel and I have been in a whirlwind for the last two months and really 6 or even 10 if we are totally honest with ourselves. This could sum up that time pretty accurately:

I venture to say that I believe we've landed for now after quite a storm. This is a pretty good depiction of what life has been like the last few weeks:

I have a lot to write about once I find my momentum, but let me just say that we moved yet AGAIN. We are now in a beautiful little house in our favorite neighborhood on our most beloved side of town. We have a garden, a yard, a hammock, two is really good the an entering Utopia sort of way.

After moving, we were putting off switching over our internet connection. We already live without a TV of any sort so our computers have been our connection to the outside world. However, instead of acting as tools used to inform and transform, our personal computer use at home had begun to erode our lives of living. We both felt a drain like never before and having a few weeks without internet at home had proved to be very healing.

This led to a talk last week and a decision to remain disconnected at home. We have internet at work and spend a lot of the day on the computer as it is. We can walk two blocks to our favorite hangout that has great-FREE- wifi anytime we need it. With that said, it felt like a no brainer- we are internet less.

Since the move, Joel's graduation, the ending of a normal year in ministry, and finally removing distractions from our home that inhibit our rest and creativity this is how I have felt:


 Sleepy. Even drugged with contentment. Like a baby who is just full of milk and ready for a nap to digest all that has gone inside them...

I've just been so happily tired all the time. Just recovering from months of madness, I believe.

Very soon, I hope to experience the world a little more like this:

...Until the next storm arrives. See you then!