Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trippin' on Accupuncture

It was so quiet when I walked in. Decorated like a spa, grays and lavenders, it smelled of lilac and jasmine. I sipped lemon water as I waited for my turn. 

When I entered the room, I slipped on a robe and laid down on the table. It was warm and comfortable. Sounds of ocean waves permeated the room. Jane came in and felt my pulses. 

"You are healthy if you want to know that. There is nothing wrong inside you but your pulses are weak. This will strengthen them."

Then she pulled out small plastic tubes and began to snap them, applying hair-thin needles just barely into the surface of my skin. In a few moments they were balancing out of my knees, ankles, wrists, right above my belly button. Before she left the room she poked a needle into the top of my head and said, "to quiet your mind." Then the lights clicked off and I was alone with my body.

Almost from the moment the needle slipped into my skin where my thumb connects to my palm, I felt my arm begin to tingle. My hand grew hot and I felt a giggle bursting from inside me. I could not stop it. I laid there for nearly five minutes laughing like I was being tickled. My whole body twitched with delight and I grinned a wicked grin in the dark by myself. 

I laughed until great, big sticky tears dripped from the corners of my eyes because I didn't want to move to wipe them. They dried hard and crusty on my face. 

When this tickled delight had finally run it's course, I started to see the colors... Moving to the sounds of the waves, oil-pool ripples of purple and magenta started rushing across the ceiling and then back again. Bright green and yellow swirled into the motion and I watched as a sea of neon hues danced above me. Then the waves turned into bright pink stars and the stars came together to form a face of a woman who winked at me and floated away. 

Then I heard a voice. It was a man. His voice was jumbled and robotic but I could distinctly hear that he was discussing the significance of the number 9 (the number of transformation). 

Then I was floating above a room that I knew was mine but I had not ever seen it before. There were women sitting around in a circle, canvases in front of them listening to an instructor encourage them to paint whatever comes out of them. I recognized her voice but I could not see her- it was me.

When the light clicked on and Jane returned, I was in a fog of wonder and colors. She began plucking the needles out of my joints and didn't saw a word. I pointed to the spot in my hand that reacted so much to the needle and seemed to be connected to my sudden need to laugh. 

"That was your colon meridian. Emotions get blocked in the colon. Shifting the flow of energy there releases the blocked energy. Sometimes people go right home and poop and other times people just start crying and don't know why. It's because you've blocked something and it was stagnate there."

I told her that I could not stop laughing when she poked that point.

"Well, Claire, it seems that you have stifled joy."

I knew when I received acupuncture that I would probably come to terms with some blocked emotions. This is part of the reason I wanted to do it. It didn't occur to me in a thousand years that all this time the emotional block that I had felt has been joy. 

"It's a good thing really. It means that you have grieved what you need to grieve and been sad about what you need to be sad about. Now it is time to just be happy when you know you are happy, even if the situation doesn't seem like it should cause that reaction. It is good to feel joy."