Saturday, April 5, 2014

Orb Party and the Everlasting

“Do you think you can explain the mystery of God?

    Do you think you can diagram God Almighty?

God is far higher than you can imagine,
    far deeper than you can comprehend,
Stretching farther than earth’s horizons,

    far wider than the endless ocean."

                                            Job 11:7-8

A couple of years ago, I attended a spiritual retreat with some of my family. It was a once-in-a-life-time sort of experience. Settled into a little round cabin up in the mountains of North Carolina, I had fun playing in a hot tub with my cousins and enjoyed good conversations with my aunts and Granny. However, we weren't just there to catch up, there were mysteries to unfold, unannounced to us! 

One afternoon my aunt scheduled a sound therapy session with the owner of the Spiritual Retreat center. Our family gathered into a dimly lit room and found comfortable places on the floor sitting or lying on cushions and mats. Our guide explained that she would be playing tones from crystal chakra bowls and each tone would resonate with one of our seven chakras. The chakras would be stimulated and that good energy would release in a way that is healing both physically and spiritually. 

She even had a tray of cups filled with water and told us that the same vibrations from the bowls would travel through the water and also fill it with that holy, healing energy. To achieve the most out of the session, we were to drink the water after the singing bowls stopped humming their mesmerizing songs.

Here is an example of what it sounded like if you want to give it a listen:

I loved it. For an hour I floated in and out of consciousness as the reverberations of the bowls ebbed and flowed like the waves of light that I felt I was tossing on. At the end of the session the family had fun comparing notes about who connected most to which tone. There was one bowl that sent a vibration that seems to delight my soul. My belly and chest would open up like I was ready to laugh and it touched me somehow. I asked our guide to play through them again and we determined that the bowl that tickled me so was the heart chakra, the note F. My aunt piped up that she too felt deeply connected to that sound.

Our leader then described something she believed in that I still ponder over today. She said that she believes every person becomes a spiritual orb when they die and that these orbs dance around our world leaping from one wonderful event to the next.

 She said that orbs collect in places that are full of spontaneous joy, like where children are playing or puppies are wrestling in a barn. They linger in fantastic scenes of nature and gather in places piping out incredible music. They appear where people are dancing in celebration or singing at the top of their lungs. 

These orbs are the joyful souls of people and the kingdom they inhabit is this world. They achieve the privilege of entering places of hope, joy, delight and healing in a flash of a moment.

She said that each orb is distinctly different from the next just like the people that they were. They seem to travel in groups. She added that before we are even born we were orbs joined together by that resonating tone. After we die that chakra sound will be the tone that brings us to our orb group. We spend our whole lives connecting to people whose souls are also connected to our orb groups and we will know them in the everlasting joy of the beyond. She suggested that Aunt Bob and I were in the same group- the heart group. We felt like she was right.

The evolution of Orb Energy caught on camera:

Orbs in motion in a worship service:

This idea was fascinating to me and I continued to be astonished as she showed me photographs of orbs she had taken. Digital photography has been able to capture orbs in ways that has not been possible until now. They don't appear in every picture unless the space was particularly wonderful with emotions of happiness and love or holiness.

I had a hard time wrapping my head around any of this but like all magical stories, I ate it up with relish. Being my father's daughter, I love the mystical and impossible! For to me, all things could be since God is behind it all.

This was the last happy Christmas with Daddy, see the orb by his head?
After that trip,I did more research and found that orbs have been documented and spotted all over the world. They have been talked about for thousands of years. In fact cherubs were painted as floating heads because they too were considered to be orbs. Angel orbs. In this century, orbs have been excused as water and dust particles for years, but if you really look closely and compare midst and orbs there is a true difference in shape, color, and timing in their appearances. To me, this seems like the missing link in understanding the amazing suggestion that Jesus gave us in scripture when he said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is here." 

See the orbs that poured in while our friends were dancing at our family cabin?

Perhaps, all these moments of divine joy that we experience in life are the on-going encounters with heaven that we have known before and will know again. Like magnet bubbles,we are drawn to one beautiful moment after the next, filling our glowing souls with the goodness that God provides every single day. 

See the orbs that appeared and Joel and my grandma danced in our apartment?
Of course there is no way to know what heaven must be like or what our souls will look like or do in that space and time, but the baffling appearance of orbs makes me even more excited to encounter God's incredible intention for my soul after my body dies. I like to think that in my daily journey of faith that I have experienced heaven. Each moment in holy, connected, and loving joy seems to me like a taste of what Jesus assures us is the Kingdom now. It would be heaven to me to live in those moments all the time like these orb spirits do. 

So, take this or leave this. I am only relaying a theory that has completely changed my understanding of heaven and hell, life and death, communion of the Saints and Kingdom of Heaven is here. For me, this has become a theory that makes heaven seem possible the way Christ described it. It makes eternal life more real and the unknowable God of the universe even bigger and more intentional than I ever dreamed (silly me!).

To test our guide's theory, Joel and I did some research of our own. We started looking more closely at our own digital photography. I can report that in every photo I have ever taken of my youth at church there are orbs present, especially in the gym on the night of our lock-in. I can report that orbs appear in almost all my photographed experiences at our family's cabin (that is our holy and happy place). I can report that orbs have appeared in photos where we have random dance offs, community gathered to celebrate one another, concerts, nature scenes and almost anytime I have taken pictures of a baby. If I were an orb, I'd live in those moments too.

One night, Joel and I turned off the lights in our apartment, turned on one of our favorite albums and invited orbs to join us in this space. We started to dance and as we danced we took turns clicking flash photos. At first, one or two orbs appeared in the photos and then would disappear again. As time passed and our dance moves evolved from an experiment to sincere expressions of our joy then they came. The orbs didn't just come, they poured into the room. They seems to pour out of the ceiling, out of our kitchen, over the top of the door in the living room. They are filling up our photos and we could sense a deepening excitement in the apartment. As I danced and wildly clicked the camera, I started to even see the orbs move in the bright strike of the flash. Their movements were really familiar and so distinct.
See the bright orb in the corner?

Joel flying on the magic carpet brought lots of joyful visitors.

This was early in the evening when they first trickled in.

This was after about 30 mins of wild dancing.

Joel still flying on the magic carpet. They seemed to love it!
Joel and I were elated that night to experience such an incredible phenomenon and at the same time we thought it would be rather risky to tell people what we did. We decided, like with all of God's great mysteries, that some things are meant to simply leave you in awe. If we spent our lives photographing orbs, inviting them over, thinking about them, wondering if they are with us now, who they were, etc, then we'd start missing the present moment where Jesus described to us is where this experience of heaven is in the first place.  

Nowadays, I see orbs in those typical photos. I see them sometime swirl through the room out of the corner of my eye. I've noticed that at the cabin, there is usually a teal orb that joins me there, especially when my sister is present. They are constant reminders that I live in paradise everyday if I chose to be present to it. I am surrounded by family, friends, and companions on this journey of faith, all full of life and energy in our many forms, as we marvel over God's great mysteries.  

In the mystical wonder of my father, I invite you to experience this story as a message of great and awesome hope.