Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Foot Fetish

I have always loved feet. It has never bothered me to touch people's feet and honestly, I really enjoy giving a pedicure or working on someone's dilapidated toenails. I find it very satisfying to take a pair of dirty, peeling, calloused feet and wash, rub and moisturize them to Eden-dawn perfection.

It's only been in recent years that I've let my own feet go by the wayside a little bit. I used to be very disciplined about giving myself a good pedicure at least once a week. I walk on my feet all the time, isn't it only right to take care of them?

Once, I participated in a study of feet. The theory was that you could really learn a lot about a person from their feet. I was never told what this researcher learned about my feet, but I felt confident that my awesome nail designs would speak of a healthy spiritual state. Perhaps not!

When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, my neighbors invited this reflexologist over to recommend care for my parents. At that time of life we all thought this was voodoo,fascinating voodoo. What I remember from this experience was that this woman suggested that shoes have become the bane of mankind's health. She said that we are meat to be walking around barefoot so that stones and dirt could poke and rub the pressure points on our feet and stimulate a healthy bodily system. 

I had NO clue what she was referring to so I started looking into Foot Reflexology. What I have discovered is a very accurate and incredible mapping system to both care for and maintain a healthy body.

The idea is that everyone's feet are maps of their body. When you rub certain places on your feet, you are stimulating certain organs or systems in your body. I've found that it is uncanny how certain places on my feet will be sore or ache from time to time. More often than not, those places are associated with ailments I am actually experiencing. Rubbing them truly does make a difference and does improve the pain.

When I have been sick, I have looked treatments to do in combination with my herbs and oils and it is amazing how much better I feel. I keep a "footsy roller" in the living room so that I can regularly stimulate good energy flow in my body through my feet. 


If you have never looked into reflexology, it is well worth a few moments of your time. A daily foot rub really could improve your overall health. Who doesn't want a foot rub? Foot rubs are the best! In fact, my grandmother calls foot rubs "foot sex". Maybe you don't experience the orgasmic sensations she does when her feet are rubbed, but be assured that you are doing something good for your body.

Check out these videos if you want to learn more about Foot Reflexology.

How to rub your reflex points:

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There are many more examples on the "how to" Youtube channel. Happy rubbing!