Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Essential Oils

In Jesus's time, it was customary to greet a visitor to your house by washing their feet. There were even moments when guests would have their feet anointed with oil by the host's servants or the hosts themselves. I have always assumed this was a cultural gesture of hospitality, but now I am beginning to wonder if there was not something much deeper going on here... 

I attended an essential oil seminar a couple weeks ago and was amazed by what I heard and experienced. People who have used oils for years were describing miraculous moments of healing and almost immediately in some cases. Teacher's who vaporize oils in their classrooms are experiencing entire school years with no sick children (unheard of in public schools!). The flu, thyroid problems, weight loss, aches, pains, digestion issues, all forms of infections, warts, herpes, even some forms of cancer have been treated by essential oils and cured. 

For years I have puzzled over the way that the Western world uses medicine and surgery before all other options. I can't describe it, but it has always felt off, wrong even, to live this way. To me, it makes my health feel out of my control. It reminds me of before the reformation when you had to go to a priest to receive forgiveness from God. We can pray to God ourselves now...can we not also be empowered to heal ourselves? The way we blindly accept doctors advise is really disturbing to me.

It all started a few years ago when I saw "Eat, Pray, Love" in theaters. The main character, played by Julia Roberts, gets a bladder infection. She visits the local medicine woman who makes her a tea out of a leaf that was grown outside of her home. At the time, I was getting bladder infections regularly and each one was worse than the one before and all of them resulted in my visiting the doctor and then later the ER. I'd come home with 10 days of antibiotics and some painkiller that made my pee orange. The idea that all Julia had to do was drink a leaf tea and would be made well just consumed my mind for the rest of the film...and then for months after.

I could not shake the burning desire to find out what plant that was so that when my next bladder infection would come, I would be armed with the ability to heal myself. I really coveted that Hollywood idea of having my own medicine woman.

These thoughts led into new notions that left me feeling disconnected from the earth God created. Didn't he give us everything we need? Doesn't God in all his mercy provide for ALL our needs? Why are we creating drugs when I am SURE that his creation can restore our health and spirits because it was made by him, he is in it? How have we lost touch with this reality?

I thought about this for a long time and slowly ventured forth into a new, epic part of my life path- a journey into alternative medicine. 

First, I started receiving chiropractic care which resulted in my no longer suffering from allergies, daily headaches, knee and hip pain. Chiropractic led me to reflexology which led me to massage therapy which led me to reiki which led me to acupuncture which led me to Chinese medicine which led me to essential oils. 


All of these techniques build on themselves and connect to one another. The piece that seemed to be missing was the external influence of God's creation. Touch made sense to me. Intention and Awareness altering life states made sense to me. Meditation, Prayer, Yoga all made sense to me. Acupuncture, Message, Reflexology all shift your chi, your energy. This made sense to me. But where was the medicine? There are times when you need something more...


Essential oils. I've been trying them for two weeks now and I can report some amazing improvements in my health. My skin is bright and clear and my scars seem to be fading. I've lost 5 pounds and the symptoms of returning hypothyroidism have dissipated. I have slept well and though my life is full of nerve wrecking stresses right now, I have remained strangely calm and at peace. I've been treating my friends too. These oils have cured dandruff, sunburn, indigestion, menstrual cramps, hangover, headache, allergy attacks and sinus congestion. Oils are even able to brighten moods and make you more alert.

According to my class instructor, The best places to apply oils to your skin is on the bottom of your feet and behind your neck because your largest pores are there. Once I realized this, it got me thinking about Jesus again. All those stories of people washing each other's feet and the woman anointing Jesus's feet with a fine perfume or oil seem to make a little more sense. What if people weren't just honoring one another, what if they were healing one another with this gesture? What if the humility of touching someone else's feet was not just a gift of service but an expression that said something like, "I want you to live long and be healthy."

To me, essential oils have been the missing link to this alternative medicine puzzle I've been putting together. It wouldn't surprise me if the Bible had it right all along. God has given us everything we need.