Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do we have the power?

Venturing on the very slow path of learning to understand the power of our God made bodies, I've encountered Qi energy. Qi (pronounced "chi") is what the Chinese (among others) believe is our life energy, our life force. The power of Qi can be cultivated, used and shared. It is the movement of Qi and the directional flow of Qi that enables bodies to grow and heal. I still have a lot to learn about Qi, what it is, how to become aware of it, and of course, how to use it. For the moment, I wanted to share something with you that I found to be amazing. It is so amazing, I had a hard time finding a place for it in my understanding of the world. 

In this video you will see a man who is called "DJ", mainly because Westerners do not know how to pronounce his name. He lives in Indonesia and is a humble healer. It wasn't until a couple of Brit's ran into him that his life suddenly changed forever. He is most certainly exploited in this video, but I don't think they intended to hurt him. Fortunately, he is was convicted enough to stand up for himself.

DJ is a mystery because of the powerful current of Qi energy that he has learned to cultivate in his body. This energy has allowed him to become a successful healer. He defies much of what we would believe to be impossible in this day and age.

If you plan to watch this video, which I hope you do, prepare to marvel at something we have long assumed is a hoax. Is it though? In your hard of hearts, haven't you too felt the magnetic pulse of energy when you hold your palms close together?

DJ says the source of his energy is daily meditation. What is the source of your energy?

The man can use his Qi to heal people, start a fire, press a piece of wood through a plastic table. These are just little tricks but you will see his patients spasm and move as he works on them. This to me, was more incredible than the sensation he can provide with parlor tricks. 

Give it a go. Marvel. Wonder. Imagine, just imagine, if you could believe this even for a moment. 

Just like Jesus assured his Disciples, that we too can do what he does and more. DJ also maintains there is nothing special about himself, anyone can do what he does. You simply have to practice.