Thursday, March 6, 2014

You are the Church

Our staff has been reading Andy Stanly's book "Deep and Wide". He takes a moment to redefine, or better, return to the original definition of church. In the ancient Greek, the word used in the New Testament for church is "ekklesia" which means "a gathering of people into a public space, an assembly." In other words, people who aren't sitting at home but gather with others. The church is people, you and me. The Romans made it a location, a monument, a shrine, all full of tradition and ritual because that is what was part of the polytheistic culture they were comfortable with. Jesus did not create that, we did. So how about we get back to basics? Church is a gathering of people. Period. That opens up the door to a lot of creative, meaningful, life changing and very normal, everyday activities doesn't it? That is the point, I think. Accessible. Authentic. Real. People. You. Me. Everyday.