Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When Strangers Kiss

I am a touchy person. I love reaching out and embracing a stranger, a new friend, a family member. I've been told I sit too close, talk too close, touch too much. Some people feel like me and some people cringe as I pat them on the back or reach out to hold a hand pulling them close. I love it. I love feeling close to people. I want to press my heart to everyone so that they can feel how much I love them even if I don't know them.

As I stumble across interesting projects out in the cyber world, I find myself continually amazed by the power of touch. This video was posted on Facebook and it just brightened my day. I am marveled by how acting out gestures of love and affection can transform your relationship with someone. It is miraculous how that affection can be transferred to a person you didn't know a moment before.

We are such wonderfully made creatures. We take on the motions of love and suddenly we find that warmth brimming up inside and a connection forms. I love how we are so woven together.

This project was a delightful reminder of that beauty. For better or worse.