Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seaside Donkey

She took a donkey, her camping gear, a map, and wandered the nearly 1,000 miles of coastline around Wales for 6 months simply because it was there and she hadn't experienced it yet...

I can't help but be completely fascinated and totally inspired by what Hannah has taken on and done with this project. Her words are beautiful, her experiences intrigue my traveling heart. Even if you don't want to leave the world you know well, imagine what living with simplicity and intentionality in mind might do for you in the day to day walk of life.

This is being present in my book. This is being fully alive. What might it look like for you?

A Poem after an adventure by Hannah (Seaside Donkey):

IF, or maybe WHEN
If you can stand on Aber’s smashed-up seafront
Or hear about the freeze or the typhoon
And feel the boiling sea and not feel guilty
But be spurred on to dance to a good tune

If you can walk and camp right through two seasons
And move through dark and silence, slow and gentle
See that the ratio of carbon footprint
to best year ever is not coincidental

If you can look at travel not as milage
But marvel at the world right by your door
Dispense with jetlag, novelty and contrast
Swap the culture shock for culture awe

And when you lift your bundle of belongings
And load them on your back, or on your friend
You soon lose interest in shopping and acquiring
And choose not choice but things that meet an end

And on that note with only one detergent
For pans and clothes and hair, and then but rarely
No comb, no mirror, just one change of outfit
And yet I looked more well and tanned, and… hairy

An appetite that for the first time ever
Took food as fuel, delicious, simply cooked
I loved my body for what it’s doing for me,
Not constant finding fault in how it looked

Be entertained by hearing people’s stories
But not of horror, taught mistrust and fools
Learn to look for help and open kindness
Stop seeking proof of how the world is cruel

Take joy in the most valued things of living
The precious people, and the creatures too
And learn to recognise and love a treasure
And prize what oil and plastic do for you

Don’t be inspired by guilt, but fired by wonder
Wonder for the people, earth and water
Then there’ll be a world and life here for you
For you my future son, and future daughter