Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lewis and Clark and McKay Glasgow

Just imagine a guy with a heart of leaping, bounding, wide-open-laughing joy and you might get a little glimpse of our friend McKay. You always know when McKay is in the room because you can just feel the energy pouring off him. Joel and I think we live life on the edge of elation, well, we've got nothing on this guy. McKay has said "yes" to every adventure that has come his way. I've heard stories about him living in France and scraping barnacles off sail boats, photographing the very first shots after a major earthquake in Chile, dancing like a wild man at every wedding he is part of.  McKay shares the love of Jesus everywhere he goes by being entirely who is he. It's the most inspiring combination of faithfulness and self sacrificial love and dang is it contagious. McKay lives with his wide open heart on his sleeve and leaves behind him a trail of hope and positivity.

Photo from Nick and Sarah's Wedding

He is by passion and education a photo/video journalist and happens to be open for freelance work as we speak. He makes incredible films and shoots stories that pull forth emotion like you didn't know you had in you on a Tuesday morning. He has created fundraisers with his gifts to help friends, family and people in need that are changing lives as we speak. McKay is a cool dude and a loyal friend but this doesn't even scrape the surface.

What I'd like to share with you today is some of his music. He has started a band called Lewis and Clark and they are making magic happen (if you click the link you can listen to several of their songs). They spent last weekend at our family cabin in that holy creative space and this is a little taste of what came of those moments devoted to lyrics and tunes. I hope you enjoy this and check out McKay's beautiful work while you're at it. I guarantee that you'll feel a little brighter after you hear this song.