Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remember who invested in you

Gathered around the conference table that is now much too small for our growing staff at work, our head pastor shared his devotion from the session meeting the night before. He began with a memory of a special Presbytery gathering where Fred Rogers was asked to speak. Everyone had speculated much goodness would come from dear old Mr. Roger's that afternoon and it seems like no one went home disappointed.

According to our pastor's memory, Mr. Rogers hopped in the lectern and asked everyone to think of the people who invested in them over the years. He asked them to picture those people and remember all the ways they contributed to the success that they felt in that moment. Then he asked them to spend two entire minutes in silence simply settling in the flood of memories surrounding those amazing people who invested in their own lives. In that two minute time span, people began to tear up and our pastor said you could feel a deep emotional shift in the room.

All anyone could experience was an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

We began our staff meeting like that today and it sent me down a path of memories that all led to a destination of gratitude.

Who has invested in you over the years? Who can you remember for a couple of minutes today that invested in your life so that you could become the person you are today? How would your attitude be different today if you spent a few minutes remembering people like that in gratitude? Ol' Mr. Rogers...he just gets life doesn't he?