Friday, December 6, 2013

Thank You

Have you ever received a hand written note thanking you for something or affirming the value of your life? Have you ever noticed how it you always seem to get those right when you question your own value or wonder if anyone cares about how you contribute to this world? They come exactly when you need them.

Thank you notes might be a must in the etiquette world but in the business of interconnected souls they are a vehicle for God's love. I truly believe that anytime you sit down to pour some good energy like gratitude into a note this pure intention will be received as such. The simple act of "thank you" or the note describing that you are thinking about someone will go a long way. It will probably mean even more than you can imagine in the first place.

I try to write 5 thank you notes a week. Sometimes I do them all at once, sometimes just when I think of it. I keep a running "thank you" list on the side of my to-do list at work. Anytime I have a small inclination to write one, I just go ahead and do it or I write that name down so I remember to do it when I am free. That little nudge, to me, is the Holy Spirit telling me that this is that critical moment when it will matter. That moment when you know the note will be received exactly when that dear person needed it most.

It matters and it is worth the time. I know you know it. Consider making a hand written "thank you" part of your weekly routine. Nothing brings you into the present moment like gratitude.

Thank you!