Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rainy Day

It doesn’t rain very often in Charlotte. Even with a particularly wet summer, Charlotte still cannot be called a rainy city. The weather here is usually near perfect in my book. It’s cool and sunny in the Spring. It’s cool and sunny in the Fall. It’s chilly in the winter but not frigid and it hardly rains or snows at all. Summer is humid and hot like a tropical forest. I love the weather in this city.

Due to this beautiful weather, I have a problem. When it is so perfectly, wonderful outside, I want to be outside. While I am in my office working, I want to be outside. When I am cooking dinner, I want to be outside. When I do anything, I feel this strong and usually guilty compulsion to be outside. Being outside, often turns into doing things. Going for walks, hanging out with friends, eating out on a roof top or patio, going Uptown, anything to take advantage of a beautiful day.

However, when it rains, I am free! Rainy days in Charlotte don’t often happen too many times in a row so they usually offer just the right balance for my extroverted self. Every now and then, just about as often as we get a rainy day, I need a day to just relax and be alone.

When I see clouds rolling in, I feel a sense of peace wash over me, as the pressure of go outside-hangout with people-do something drips away with each drop that plummets to the steamy sidewalk.

Today was a rainy day. Today, I slept late. I took a long shower. I read out of multiple books in bed. I cooked dinner. I ate alone on my porch and watched the flitting of the birds as they escaped the raindrops. I noticed the veins in the dogwood leaves outside my door. I admired the succulent that was blooming on my porch and how the light caught in its thick leaves. I wrote several blog posts. I leisurely and quietly rested in my apartment feeling absolutely no pressure to go anywhere, do anything, or even leave this marvelous space.

Sometimes, we all just need a rainy day. This rainy day is actually a Sabbath day. I rush and cram and fill my days so jammed packed that I don’t ever really allow myself a Sabbath. Even if I planned to do nothing and see that sun a shinning, then I will find myself fighting the urge to meet up with someone or go somewhere. I don’t yet know how to give myself permission to refuel when it is nice out. This is something I will continue to try to cultivate because Sabbath keeping is some of the best preventative medicine out there. Medicine for your body, mind and spirit.

Do you allow yourself to Sabbath or do you just wait for a rainy day?