Thursday, October 3, 2013


So after my debate for (literally) the entire week, I have settled on "bound" as my word. Weird, I know... But I think it is the word that suits me just right. The fact that it is one word that has two opposite meanings really speaks to me. I oftentimes feel like I am in a tug-of-war with myself. 

Photo by Lonnie Smalley
On the one hand the word bound means that you are heading somewhere. Sort of the way that I am bound to be a nurse. That's right... This past week I got my acceptance letter for nursing school (woo hoo)! Anyway, back to the word.... This definition of bound is definitely relatable to me. I am always moving forward and always have a new goal I am aiming for. I think I have always been pretty ambitious, even if nothing ever came of it. I guess it's like the saying says "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars." Although I'm nowhere NEAR perfect, I think that I have done pretty well so far and I attribute that in many ways to my constant need for something bigger and better. In this life, I know I am bound to do great things and make big changes even if I don't know what it is I'm doing or why or when or how. 
Photo by Shadows and Rainbows
Conversely, bound can also mean to be tied to something or restrained from moving. I am tied to a myriad of things and people. I am bound to my family by all of our memories and experiences together. I am bound to my husband by our promise to God and each other. I am bound to my son by an unbreakable bond that is nothing short of a miracle. Sometimes, though I am bound to not-so-great things like fear, insecurity, and indecision. I try to keep these things in check, but sometimes when I am not focusing they still creep into my thoughts. There is a Native American short story that basically says that there are two wolves inside each person. One wolf is evil i.e. guilt, envy, jealousy, sorrow, etc. The other is good, i.e. empathy, generosity, joy, peace, etc. A boy says that these two wolves are fighting inside him and asks his grandfather which of the wolves will win. His grandfather simply replies "The one that you feed." So simple, yet so profound.
 I think we are all bound to be bound to something. Let's take this week to focus on being bound to positive thoughts and feeding the good wolf! See ya next week...