Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

image.jpegThis week, instead of concentrating on just one word, I want to just let my thoughts flow. My last post may have come off a bit… how do I say… complain-ey, and for that I am truly sorry. We all get a little down on ourselves or situations every now and again. However, now that my 4-week history class is over, I feel like such a weight is lifted from my shoulders. I am forever indebted to that class, though, because now I see clearly the history in my daily life and the impact that history has on all of us. 


Since it is so close to Halloween, I thought I would research its history. I stumbled upon this ( article and it astonished me. It’s kind of funny how you think you know things, but really you have absolutely NO clue about them! As a child I never knew the history of Halloween, nor did I care to find out. I was more concerned about getting the most amount of candy that I possibly could and convincing my parents to let me eat it-in its entirety-that night. Oh, to be young again. 

Kai's Halloween craft (and arm)
I was surprised to learn that it was originally a Celtic holiday which celebrated the changing of the season. They also believed that this was the time when the border between the physical and the spiritual world was at its thinnest and they celebrated the lives of the people that had passed that year. I thought that part in particular was so cool. We celebrate peoples’ lives at their funeral, but I thought it would be really interesting to celebrate them again on another day in the year.
Granny and Kai picking pumpkins

Claire mentioned in one of her previous posts a pastor named Nadia Bolz-Weber. She introduced me to the concept of human life being a continuous cycle of death and resurrection. She says that inevitably whenever she is doing what she thinks she knows to be best, God performs what she refers to as a “Divine heart transplant” and replaces her previous thoughts with what He knows to be best. I think we have all experienced this at some point, even if you don’t believe that it was God who was doing it.
For instance, when you think you don’t have time to help someone and start to walk away, but something in your heart tells you to go back and help anyways. Or when you are so mad at someone that you want to call them every four-letter word you can think of, but instead something deep inside you helps you to let go of the negativity and forgive.  These are our own personal deaths and resurrections.

Kai as Einstein last year
This Halloween, I want all of us to have fun. Let’s capture the spirit of Halloween that children seem to cling to so naturally, but somehow along the way, we adults forget that the magic of holidays is still applicable to us, too. Enjoy the family time, eat some festive treats, have some cider, have fun decorating, and be as present as humanly possible. Let’s celebrate the people we have in our worlds AND the people that have passed on. Celebrate yourself, but also celebrate the deaths and resurrections that this year may have brought you. You are the most perfect version of yourself that you possibly can be at this very moment, so enjoy that and embrace this ever-so-fleeting life. Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!