Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Voices for Waked Up

During this crazy season of being shaped by God, I was given an inspiration. Waked Up needs a fresh voice. This idea quickly turned into “Waked Up needs fresh voices.” I have invited my family and friends to consider contributing a post to Waked Up as series for guest voices to be heard. Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to read posts by some of my dearest friends and family. You have already had the chance to read a post by my Aunt Bobbi and my friend Christine.  Keep your eyes open as new voices will be posted weekly.

From this serendipitous adventure of inviting my loved ones to contribute to the blog, I have taken on a regular guest writer. My friend and cousin, Kayleigh has agreed to become a weekly contributor starting a series that she would like to call “Wednesday’s Word.” WW will be pretty opened ended in true Waked Up fashion. Kayleigh would like to dig deeply into words, exploring all their meanings and cultural innuendos. She will share thoughts on a word, the Word, words on the street, or anything else that has brought her relevance and meaning through her experience of living. I hope you will join me in welcoming her to Waked Up and that you will enjoy her weekly gifts to the blogging world.

If you have found yourself writing lately or have recently been inspired by some lesson, advice, event or realization that has brought you needed awareness, consider becoming a guest writer for Waked Up. Please contact me if you too would like to be a contributing voice.

The more I think about what Waked Up is meant to become the more the word “Co-Op” comes to mind. Sharing creates community. Community creates growth. Growth connects us to the Divine. Please join me in this knew leg of the journey. I look forward to hearing from you!