Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happiness and Faith

This is a beautiful post written by my wonderful friend-Aunt-soul sister, Bobbi. I hope you are blessed as much as I was from this offering of practice and wisdom in the day to day.

Do they go hand in hand? I think so. I am so much happier when I find myself being faithful. Faithful to God, faithful to my health and faithful to my family to name a few. My mantra this week has been “If I am Faithful, then I will be happy”.

When I read my devotionals in the morning it is my quiet time. Doesn’t matter where I do it as long as I am ‘faithful’ at reading them. Every single time I read them, they help me get a good start on my day. I may still need my coffee before you get any words out of me, but at least I have started in a good way.

When I eat well, I feel so much better and I feel like I have been ‘faithful’ in trying to get myself to a better place health wise. It is a journey, and always has been, but it is a good one and one I need to continue for the rest of my life.

When I swim, I commune with nature and God. I pray. I thank God for blessing me as he has. It is my time to be quiet and just be. I feel the warm sun on my face and the warm water as I swim and breathe.  I am faithful to the routine that provides me with this wonderful opportunity to get some daily exercise. 

I am also faithful to my family. I love taking care of them whenever I can and try not to be too bossy, but I know I am. J We are a special family in that we don’t fight or argue really. We have opinions but respect each other’s opinions too.  We would do anything for each other and we know the importance we each bring to our family, individually and collectively.

One thing I would like to be more faithful at is journaling. I have never been someone who journals. I try here and there but think what I have written is silly or not good enough. I need to be faithful that what I write is ok. It is mine. It doesn’t even need to make much sense if I don’t want it to. I can draw stick figures as long as I am being expressive. 

Along the same line is writing down my dreams. I dream almost every night! Well, most mornings actually. I have a dream journal next to my bed and yet, I still find it difficult to get it and jot down every dream I have. My dreams are always interesting and always in color and I feel like God is trying to communicate with me in them a lot. So it only stands to reason that I need to be more faithful in writing them down.

I have found that when I am faithful to myself, and stick to doing what I need to, I almost feel lighter and the day goes so much smoother. It is such a blessing to not be stressed much anymore.

So, what do you do to be faithful? Are you faithful to yourself? Do you find yourself happiest when you are faithful?