Monday, September 23, 2013

Gossip with Granny

Today's guest writer is one of my favorite people of all time- my Granny. She has offered this post on her 89th birthday. I have always appreciated Granny for her energy and humor but most of all, I have been amazed by her willingness always to learn. She is ever youthful in life and spirit as she maintains her love for growth and transformation each day.  Enjoy!

I've about had it! At 89 years old today I'm making  a birthday resolution.
"Talk less and listen more".... Ask God to put his hand over my mouth. Why? Because I've been known to gossip more than I care to admit.
For instance: a couple of months ago I accepted a ride home from a friend after a church activity. As we passed by a mutual friend's house, motor mouth, (that would be me) began chatting about her. After a few minutes I realized my friend was quiet all the way home. I thanked her for the ride and waved good bye.
But ever since that ride I was bothered by her lack of conversation. Why?
Just recently, finally, light dawned. My driver friend had taught me a lesson I really needed to take to heart. JUST BE STILL.
Of course! Silence is golden, If you can't say something nice, don't say anything, don't put your foot in your mouth, etc.
Indeed! She taught me an important lesson by saying absolutely nothing.  Thank you so much, dear friend.
PS: Maybe I'll keep some cherry life savers handy to pop in my big mouth for a gentle, reminder.