Thursday, September 12, 2013

A preacher with tats

What does your preacher look like?

 Today, my cousin introduced me to a pastor in Denver, CO. She is hilarious, quick witted, cynical, imperfect and has a questionable past. Did I mention she is covered in tattoos?  She had me in the palm of her hand when Krista Tippet graciously offered that she has been following her career and this pastor’s response was “that’s creepy.” This minister is Nadia Bloz-Weber and she is a marvel to both listen to and watch. She is part of a movement called “The emerging church” and is ordained in the Evangelical Methodist Tradition. She has started a church without membership, living to change, embracing tradition, and reaching for people who are more comfortable with the mystery of God rather than knowing all the answers.

I spent the morning listening to a podcast from KristaTippet’s show “On Being” where she interviewed Nadia on stage at the Wild GooseFestival (which I am still hoping to go to someday). If you have an hour you should listen to this. If you don’t have an hour, try and make one. I promise it will be worth it.