Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pray for the child you were

My rockin' Mom in NM (photo by Anne)
My mom returned recently from a spiritual journey to New Mexico where she too visited Ghost Ranch for a course in self discovery. She topped me in badassness by taking on a "vision quest" modeled class that required that she hike most of her time there, camp alone with just a sleeping bag and a tarp, climb cliffs, mesas, and face coyotes (well that part was not required but it happened none-the-less).

She took the challenge head on to face her fears and bare her soul. From my perspective, this adventure not only bleached her hair and tanned her skin- it gave her heart eagle wings to soar to a place of inner peace. I am so proud of her for embracing it with all she is made of.

Her story is not mine to tell but I will share an idea that I took from it and the context from which it was birthed. On the last day of her vision quest, she and the small group visited Christ in the Desert Monastery. There is a hermit in residence there who mom found herself drawn to. His story was impressive to hear. He was a former millionaire, wall-street, agnostic who somehow meets God on a trip abroad and next thing you know he magic-eight-balls the Bible and turns to passage on the Rich Young Ruler which changes everything about his life. He did exactly what it said. He gave everything away.
Photo of Anne by Anne at Ghost Ranch, NM

Mom said his blue eyes were piercing as he spoke a personal truth to each member of their class through his story. She knew she could trust him and that God would speak when he did. Of all that she relayed, the part that struck me, and probably because it struck her, was the part about childhood.

He said that God is the Lord of past, present and future. Time does not hold Him and He can heal however and whenever He wants. This hermit suggested we do something I have never considered before: Pray for the child you were. 

What a concept! How many of us have moments in our childhood that defined us in some painful way and perhaps still inform our choices today ? How many people would do it all again? How many people would like the chance to forgive parents, friends, siblings, or even yourself for something you were part of in the past? How many people out there struggle with abandonment, abuse, guilt, or fears that started when we were too young to process them?

This hermit suggested that just like we can pray for our current states, we can pray for the child we were. I think this essentially means that we can pray for the child within. Furthermore,I think he is suggesting that not only can we pray for our inner child but that this child can and will be healed by God.

Photo by Anne at Ghost Ranch, NM
I don't know about you, but I like the idea that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is out of God's reach. Past. Present. Future. They are all His for the healing.

What an incredible idea. Prayers to you inner child. Let the healing begin.