Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blue Sky Time

"I am well matched", I like to say when people ask me how I like my job. I love the work that I do because it easily lives inside the layers of values that allow me to BE who I am created to be. I am paid to be present to the Divine.

I enjoy working with the team of educators on staff and the multitude of ministries that unite to try and create space for people to have an awareness or experience of God.

I like my office. It is warm, welcoming, and I have a huge window that overlooks a playground. Our building hosts a lot of happiness, we support one another, and each day is a nice day.

As much as I love the place that I work and the office that I have kept for the past 5 years, I don't love being there all the time. My soul longs for space to explode from buildings and walls into nature's visible transformation.

Fortunately, I work for a woman who believes that we should not spend every work hour within the four walls of our offices. Last month, our boss, pastor, friend encouraged each of us to analyze how we spend our time each day. Do we invest our time in the values of the church where we work? 

Then she asked us to find a space for Blue Sky Time. We had no idea what this was. She explained that Blue Sky Time would be an hour a day, a day a month, an afternoon every now and then...whatever formed naturally on our calendars. This time would be set aside to NOT do work. We would use a portion of work time to do, be, see, go where we are spiritually nourished. She believes that we will bring our best selves to the table, present our best work, come up with our best, most creative ideas if we have had time to refuel our hearts.

I love my job.