Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Layers and layers of truth
The uncanny collection of circumstances that create the same message, reverberating through your being, is what I would like to call the Holy Spirit communication with you. It doesn't matter what you want to call it because it is all God's as far as I am concerned. This accumulation of coincidences is worth celebrating, in my book, and I would go further to say that they occur in no way by chance.

Even when I am the most unpresent I can remember being, I am still bombarded by realizations that the same messages have been finding their way into my life. They pile up through conversations with interns, aside discussions in meetings, friendly reflections with Joel, eight ball opening of scripture, flippant flipping of pages in my trusted books that seem to be conspiring all together to encourage and refine the state of my soul. 

God, the creator of all things, will use all things to speak to you. Will you listen? Will you see the signs? Will you allow Him to use it all or just the things you expect? Will you follow the path laid out? Or do you fear and stumble back into your ipad, complacent and exhausted?

I speak to me today, just as I hope to speak to you, it's time to be present. The time is now, the kingdom is here.