Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is the Life!

Hey Waked Up! I've missed you so!

Before I start posting thoughts and experiences that have happened for the past couple of weeks, I wanted to take a moment and let you know what is going on with me so that you can understand why I have not been back to normal speed with Waked Up posting.

Joel is now settling into his new job which could not be a better match for his talents, education and skills so far. This month has proven to be the whirlwind we anticipated it be. However, I can heartily add that God has not failed for a moment to provide exactly what we needed right when we needed it. There is no way, NO WAY; we could have done this by our own devices.

Since June 1 we have attended and participated in a dear friend's wedding. Then we packed up our apartment. I participated in a week of local service living on site at CROSS Missions with 25 of my 6-7th grade youth. It was amazing! Then I came straight home on that Friday morning and we moved all of our things into storage and said goodbye to our campus life. A friend came in town the next day who we hosted at our now "temporary apartment." Then we helped a friend move on Sunday. That evening, I hopped back on another week of mission tripping at CROSS with 17 of my 8th grade youth; also amazing! There were a lot of gifts from serving two weeks with the youth from our church but one of my favorites was participating in the program that Joel was directing. It was a pleasure to see him living fully into his call. It was also a joy to see him every day. Once we both finished up with the youth on Thursday night, we went to our temp-apt and slept 4 hours and hopped a plane to Vermont for another wedding. This was the first wedding that I have ever officiated and it was pure blessing to have that chance. That weekend felt like living in the kingdom of heaven. Then we flew home Sunday and Joel went straight back to work. I had one day to rest and found myself back in the office trying to remember what my day job looks like.

 This week has been full of sleeping until just before I have to get up and going to bed as soon as I get home. We both are happy, provided for, and overwhelmed with love and change. This is all another way to say-we are exhausted.

This weekend, we venture to the mountains to celebrate my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary, my sister turning 25, and my bother-in-law becoming a PhD. We will return home and move into our permanent residence on Monday. It doesn't end there. As soon as we get our things in our new place, we will hop in the car for a sibling road trip to Michigan to make a long-overdue visit with Joel's grandparents and relatives.

Once we return from that adventure, we will have internet access (currently I only have it at work), permanent beds and God willing- rest.

There is so much I am looking forward to sharing with you. For the moment, this will have to suffice.

Usually by the end of the summer as I reflect on mission trips, epic adventures with Joel, family vacations, local celebrations, and the occasional lying by the pool, there is someone on staff that shakes her head at me and smiles, "You are the author of this madness." I know that actually means "Don't complain about being tired when you did this to yourself." I can honestly say that this summer I was not responsible for all the tight transitions and exhausting transformations but I sure am grateful for each one.