Monday, June 10, 2013

Mission Trips

For the next two weeks I will be serving on mission trips with my youth. If your church or organization is looking for an incredible service experience/mission trip for middle school to adults to participate then you should check out CROSS Missions. This program is intentional, relationship focused, and life changing. I have been on many mission trips and service projects with youth and adults inside and outside of the country. I can honestly say that CROSS is the best I have tried. I literally watched the Spirit transform the hearts of my youth right in front of me. The impact of this experience has been lasting and transformational.

In the summer, you can spend a week on site in their outreach center. You live in community with your group and others who are participating that week too. You eat together, worship together, debrief together, do chores together. Everyone has a role and a purpose. Then you spend each day serving at two mission sites. You never know where you'll serve and the possibilities are vast. You could be folding clothing at a nonprofit that clothes our homeless neighbors all morning and then you might spend the afternoon playing volleyball with recovering addicts. One morning you might help at an intercity daycare then you might spend the afternoon singing with Alzheimer's patients. We serve homeless, elderly, disabled, and children. We prepare food, serve food, plant food, clean, play, pray, worship and of course the emphasis is living IN RELATIONSHIP with all the people we come in contact with. It is a beautiful experience. CROSS also offers this experience during the school year on the weekends. I hope someday you'll have a chance to try it for yourself.

This is all to say, that I will be blogging very sporadically for the next two weeks. I am "on" for two weeks which does not guarantee I'll have the energy between trips on my free weekend to blog but I will try.  Please keep me, our leaders, youth, CROSS Missions and the people we serve in your prayers.


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